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Drainage Board Approved use of Ditches for Town of LaPaz

December 26, 2010

12/27/10 Mike Strang from GAI Consultants appeared before the Marshall County Drainage Board earlier this month to seek approval to use two county drainage ditches for their storm-water project in LaPaz.

LaPaz was awarded at $1 million dollar D.R.2 grant from Okra.  The grant will be used to improve drainage issues the town has experienced for many years.  The grant will cover all costs for engineering services, materials and construction.

Strang explained the project.  The first priority will be to put in main lines starting on each side of US 31 and extending to existing ditches on either side of town.  These main lines are being sized for future branches of storm sewer to be connected as budgets allow.  Sizing is bases on the Marshall County Drainage Ordinance.  Parameters used in completing the preliminary sizing of the system are 10 year storm of 1 hour duration and run-off coefficients for the ordinance.

On the west side of US 31 the main line will be installed under Walnut Street from just west of US 31 to the Emmons Ditch where it will outlet.  The pipe size at the outlet is proposed to be 24 inched in diameter.

On the east side of US 31 the main line will be installed from south of the fire station, just east of US 31, and will outlet at the Lloyd Lehman Ditch on the north side of 1B Road.  There are three optional routes that have been explored.  Currently they are proceeding with the third option.  The pipe size at the outlet is proposed to be 36 inches and may be placed under the road or in an easement or either the north or south side of the road.  The possibility of an equivalent open ditch on either the north or south side of the road is also being explored.

The Marshall County Drainage Board approved the Town of LaPaz’s request to use the Emmons Ditch and Lloyd Lehman Ditch as outlets for their storm-water project.

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