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Ripley Comments on Council Decision

March 12, 2010


The Marshall County Council decided to no longer accept public comments or questions until the end of each meeting.  This change eliminates our ability to proactively participate in our local government.

Before each council meeting, an agenda is created and distributed.  The meeting agenda includes a brief description of the actions the council will be considering and the time that action likely to occur.  No details about the actions are provided prior to the meeting.

Each council member is provided a packet of information by the auditor before each meeting, along with budgetary information and other support material.  This information is not available online or to the public prior to the meeting.

During a meeting, there is little to no background information given about actions being voted on since the council members typically discuss and investigate action items prior to each meeting.  None of the information uncovered prior to each meeting is available to the public.

Council meeting minutes have not been posted online since last September.  This makes it difficult for residents to learn about the actions of the council until well after the fact.

With no background information, support materials, or recent meeting minutes available, and without the ability to ask questions throughout the meetings; how are we, the tax paying residents of Marshall County, supposed to provide input and participate proactively in our local government?

The honest answer is that now, we can’t.  The lack of transparency, respect and representation from the Marshall County Council to the residents of Marshall County is unacceptable.  We deserve much better than this.

Ryan Ripley

Candidate, Marshall County Council

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