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Ripley Comments on County Employees Working 7/5

July 2, 2010

Over the past two years, our Marshall County employees have been informed that they will not receive a raise, will have their health insurance costs increased, have lost 2 paid holidays, and are required to clean their own offices.  Regardless of the spin that the county commissioners and council are trying to sell on the radio, morale is low among the 200 hard-working county employees.

Morale was further lowered with the decision by the commissioners to not fill job positions as they become open; in other words, to use attrition as a means to reduce the work force.  An attrition strategy assumes that all workers, roles, and responsibilities are equal.  This is clearly an incorrect assumption.    We have many talented employees working for the county whose roles cannot simply be absorbed.  By using this strategy, the commissioners and the council are avoiding the mental heavy-lifting required to effectively run the county.  It is also a disrespectful and demoralizing message to send to our county employees.

On Monday, July 5th our county employees will be the only county employees in state of Indiana who will be at work.  If you happen to use any of the county services on Monday, or any other day for that matter, please be sure to thank them for all that they do.  They are severely underappreciated by the commissioners and the council and could use a few kind words of thanks, encouragement, and appreciation.

Ryan Ripley

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