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Semi Knocks Down Stop Light at Michigan and Jefferson

December 7, 2010

12/08/10 Due to a semi-tractor trailer crash at Michigan and Jefferson Streets on Monday December 6th, the stoplight support for westbound Jefferson Street was damaged and knocked down.  Upon further investigation by the Indiana Department of Transportation, it was found that the base of the pole was damaged as well.  According to INDOT officials at the LaPorte District the light may not be repaired until late this week.

Obviously, Michigan & Jefferson is one of the busiest intersections in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Police Department, as well as the Street Department, would like to encourage drivers to avoid that intersection as much as possible.  The Plymouth Police Department will be monitoring this intersection hourly and will have officers directing traffic during the rush hours.

Mayor Mark Senter encourages drivers to remain patient, observant and careful as they drive through the intersection.

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2 Responses to “ Semi Knocks Down Stop Light at Michigan and Jefferson ”

  1. CommonCents on December 12, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    PT6266, I have noticed the same thing. The light used to be smart enough to sense no car in the left hand turn lane, but now, you have to wait for minutes while no trafic moves on the left turn arrow. Maybe someone at this station can contact their buddies with the street department who then can contact the Indiana State highway department. I figure someone owns stock in British Petroleum and are deliberately slowing traffic to waste gas….but that’s just me. The light actually has been set improperly well before the light pole was damaged. I don’t know what caused the change but it’s been like that for about a month now. I’m surprised someone in our local government hasn’t brought it to the attention of the State.

  2. PT6266 on December 8, 2010 at 11:36 am

    I actually think traffic was flowing more smoothly thru there on Monday and Tuesday afternoon with the stop sign than when the lights were operating. Usually when I get back to town around 4:25 or so, heading south on Michigan, there are times traffic is backed up clear past Monroe. It seems like ever since they paved Michigan St. the lights have not worked like they had been. Particularly when heading north or south, you have to sit and wait for the left hand green to cycle thru even when there are no cars waiting to turn left. Maybe this will be addressed once the light pole is up and lights are operational again?