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Taxpayers Thoughts on Pay Raises

August 12, 2010

I would like to comment on the council considering raises for employees.

I know a lot of city employees do their jobs and work a steady 40 hrs for them; I also know a lot of them don’t.  I think pay raises on work performance is the better way to go.  Why bother working harder or more efficiently when you know you will get the same raise as everyone else…it allows the employee to just “get by”. 

As for raise, at this time in our economy, when no one is being hired by the city because of the budget, I say no to any raise. 

My husband hasn’t had  a raise for 5 yrs.  The place he worked before, here in town wasn’t doing a lot of business so he did not complain, because at least he had a job while others were losing theirs.  He is at a new business now, a much better place.  This business is very busy and he works his full 40 hrs plus, however he hasn’t gotten a raise and doesn’t expect one until things get better in the economy.  We are both very happy he is one of the people who has a job. 

 Things are still rocky in our economy and maybe our county/ city employees would appreciate a raise…but would also understand how it just isn’t the right time for it.  These employees get other perks from their employment with the city, including very very affordable insurance.  I think they also should be glad they are one of the employed and not one of the people on the unemployment list. I’m not saying some of them don’t deserve a raise I am saying right now is not the right time for the city to be giving raises.

Becky Mear

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