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June 30, 2010

Early in the last Plymouth City elections the candidates were publishing their very limited preliminary background information. At that time, the only distinguishing attributes published for the now Mayor Senter were that he was a retired State Policeman and a Boy Scout leader. Since I had no previous knowledge of Mayor Senter or his background, I had to accept that he presumed these two items were enough to get him elected to the highest elected office in the City of Plymouth. At that time I sent an e-mail to a few local behind the scenes Republican “Power Brokers” expressing my opinion that perhaps they could have selected a more qualifying candidate based on what credentials were produced in the media and I was severely criticized for questioning their selection of Mr. Senter. Now I can only assume that, since his opponent then Mayor Cook was the lesser qualified of the two, having only been a retired City of Argos Police Chief, the Plymouth voters responded accordingly based on these very limited qualifications.

With the recent appointment of yet another retired State Policeman and School Bus Driver replacing the current retired City Police Officer City Airport Manager, I became very puzzled as to why this seemed to be establishing a pattern? I can only assume that all these years I have been misinformed about experience qualifications required for Political Public Leaders and their appointees particularly concerning the apparent importance of a Police Officer background relating to the Airport Management field. Relative to the City Airport Manager, I can only assume that since the previous manager appointee along with the City of Plymouth Airport itself has so noticeably progressed during the last 10 years to its current immaculate condition becoming an enormous fiscal asset to the City of Plymouth and its taxpayers, that this must have been the thought process of Mayor Sentor regarding his latest appointment selection. Therefore, logically, I spent hours on the internet reviewing other published city application documentation relating to normal qualifications of Mayor and/or Airport Manager positions. Surprisingly, after reviewing endless application forms, I have become even more puzzled, for I cannot find one piece of published documentation mentioning a single qualifying requirement relating to a retired State Policeman, Boy Scout Leader, City Policeman, or School Bus Driver? I guess one can only assume that the City of Plymouth has surpassed the average standards for the nation with their incredible insight into the future of the community leadership qualification process. Another very Interesting political strategy at the Federal level completely contradicts the Plymouth leadership qualification system. The nation’s voters agree with the Plymouth voters with relation to our Federal Government elected and appointed officials that previous leadership related qualities and experience need not be a consideration, But, instead of appointing previous retired law enforcement candidates, the nations majority of voters decided to elect and appoint Chicago law breakers, noted political thugs, tax cheats, perverts, and a professional speech writer to lead them all. Therefore, in my opinion, Plymouth is very much ahead of the national political scene by far!  

When I applied for the City Airport Manager position two years ago I was not informed of the now apparent requirements of having been a former Policeman and/or School Bus Driver. I have now realized that all my 40 years of aviation management experience simply does not measure up to being a retired Police Officer. Since I am too old to survive Police Academy training, although I was a Boy Scout, maybe I could qualify for the vacant School Bus Driver position!

I am again surprised along with disappointed, after changing almost the complete City of Plymouth Administration political party, that the former system of “Good Ole Boy” operation is still among us. Am I tired of  “Politics as Usual” or is this simply “Sour Grapes”? You be the judge!

Ron Hourigan                                          

 Ron Hourigan resides in Marshall County and is a USAF veteran, 1968 graduate of The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, a 40 year FAA licensed Airline Transport Pilot and Aircraft/Powerplant Mechanic, former AFC Engineer at McDonnell Douglas Corporation St. Louis, MO, former TWA Commercial Pilot, former Chief Pilot VanTran Electric Corporation, former Corporate Pilot Empire Gas Corporation, former Chief Pilot/Director of Aviation Hoosier Racing Tire and Aker Plastics/MAAX Corporation

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