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A.D. at Union North Updates School Board

November 11, 2011

11/14/11 The Union North United School Board heard a report on the LaVille Athletic Department programs. Will Hostrawser, who serves as the Director of Athletics, explain that there are two main focus areas of future growth that they are addressing. He said beginning onJanuary 1, 2012, they will be implementing a new weight program. He said the program is the same for all sports by focusing on “core lifts”.

He said they must be able to utilize the equipment that is currently in place and be able to fit into a 50-minute class window. Hostrawser said, “All coaches must “buy in” to the program and run it year- round.

He listed qualities that he feels the new program will instill in the students such as leadership, team chemistry, mental toughness, overcoming adversity, competitiveness, goal setting principles, and discipline.

He went on to explore the proposed development of leaders in the student body. He said they will be defining leadership in coaching staff meetings, identifying student-athlete leaders in all grades, creating a leadership/character program and meeting regularly with those student-athletes to develop leadership traits.


Hostrawser presented a list of 147 student-athletes who received Scholar-Athletes recognition during participation in the LaVille fall athletics. Students must secure an 8.0 on a 12.0 GPA scale to be considered.

Hostrawser said there may need to cancel all of LaVille’s home track meets due to the condition of the track. He said, “It’s an unsafe surface in numerous spots.” He said, “Air pockets formed this fall in numerous areas due to the crushed rubber surface not adhering to the asphalt base.”

He said, “The spring season will be worse yet. Last year we had a company in to patch numerous spots-this is going to be necessary once again this spring.”

He referred to the process as a “band-aide” fix and then said the band-aides are getting bigger.

Hostrawser said, “We are in desperate need of a total refurbishment. To do this right, we need an entire new top crushed rubber surface.” He said he will be getting updated quotes for the project and is anticipating a $150,000 price tag.


Also presenting an annual report to the board was Maintenance Director Todd Gardner. He said they are installing two drop down grates in theLaVilleJr.-Sr.High Schoolbuilding following security concerns. He said one will be in the front hallway and the second, in the C-wing (Science Department).

Other projects will be to look into replacing the stage lift that was installed in 1994 at LaVille Elementary, addressing needs in the wrestling room for better air quality, and working with the Skillman Corporation to fix problems with air transfers in the elementary building. Speaking of the Skillman project,Gardnersaid, “We really rushed those things out to bid. We went to bid before we got things worked out.”

Gardnerpresented a long list of projects that have been completed.

Carol Anders Correspondent

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