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Activity Report for Plymouth Fire and Police

May 16, 2011

 05/17/11 Last week members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety were updated by department heads with various monthly reports. 

Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox distributed his April Activity Report.  Last month his department handled 721 requests for information, conducted 258 traffic stops, investigated 254 complaints and answered 168 9-1-1 calls.  Plymouth officers conducted 143 security checks and opened 141 investigations.  City police checked 44 vehicles, handles 40 animal issues, responded to 38 alarms, issued 33 $2 parking tickets, made 31 criminal arrests and 23 traffic arrests and investigated 23 theft complaints.  Officers handles 21 juvenile complaints, investigated 19 property damage accidents, used the City’s K-9 Rex 17 times, checked on 14 suspicious vehicles and conducted 12 welfare checks.  Activity last month also included locating 5 open doors or windows, removing 3 unwanted guests, being dispatched to 2 domestic fights, issuance of 1 $10 parking ticket and 1 $50 handicap parking ticket, implementation of the merchant protection plan once and, 1 trespassing complaint. 

Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker reported a total of 157 responses.  There were 114 Emergency medical incidents and 12 medical assists.  Firefighters were cancelled while en route 6 times, had 5 false alarms, 3 Chemical releases, 3 natural vegetation fires, and 3 structure fires in April.  Firefighters were dispatched to 2 vehicle fires, 1 citizen complaint, 1 combustible spill, 1 hazardous condition, once for a person in distress, 1 rescue call, once for smoke, 1 system malfunction, 1 unintentional system operation, and 1 water rescue.

The Plymouth Fire Department was dispatched once to Argos and once to LaPaz, 22 calls were in West Township, 14 in Center Township and 104 in Plymouth.  Paramedics assisted Culver 3 times and Walkerton 3 times.