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Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget Pierce St. Bridge Project

October 4, 2011

10/05/11 Ahead of schedule and under budget was the news the County Commissioners received from USI on the Pierce Street Bridge replacement project.

On Monday Marc Hollingsworth, USI Construction Project Manager told the commissioner that Northern Indiana Construction has completed the east pier, installed wood piles for false-work, completed the west coffer dam, drove the pilings and poured the footer for pier #2. Indiana Construction will be pouring the stem wall for pier #2 this week and will be pouring flowable fill around the footer for pier #2 and then remove the wet coffer dam.  Also on the schedule during this month is the placement of rip-rap along banks, driving pilings for the end bents and forming and pouring of the end bents.

Hunter Transit has removed the remaining asphalt west of the project, revealed a concrete slab under the asphalt and removed it for a cost of $258 and completed the storm sewer on the east side of the Yellow River.  Hunter Transit will be moving to the west side of the project to begin installing the storm sewers.  They will begin at the outlet to the river and work their way upstream toward Walnut Street.

Hollingsworth said $13,600 in change orders have been presented representing 1.26% of the total cost.  Construction is at 40% with 63% funding used and 17% of the consultant fees.

Traffic was restricted on September 12th and completion date for the Pierce Street Bridge is November 23rd.

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