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Allegations of Mold at PHS Dispelled

October 6, 2011

10/07/11 The Indiana Department of Health has completed their investigation concerning the air quality of Plymouth High School after receiving an anonymous letter alleging that the building had mold in it and further asserting that it was, therefore, creating unsafe indoor air.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent Dan Tyree informed the school board and those attending the board meeting on October 4, that the official findings show that the allegations were inaccurate.

The Indiana Health Department investigates all health related allegations, even when they come from anonymous sources.

Following is an excerpt from the report generated by the Indiana Health Department concerning the allegations made against PHS: “…note that mold and bacterial counts were all within acceptable levels.  Relative humidity and space temperature were slightly higher but justified based on the season and the current outdoor humidity.  I found it interesting that the “fungal count” or “mold count” was 2,500 CFU/M3 outside of the building while the inside space produced “mold counts” some 5x lower than outside air.  This assures you that mold growth is not currently a health risk and demonstrates the filtration systems are performing correctly.”

The investigation, including testing at the laboratories in Indianapolis, was completed at no cost the Plymouth Schools.

Tyree praised the maintenance department employees for their work in keeping the facilities clean. He added, “This report is a tribute to our maintenance and custodial workers who work hard every day and night to ensure that the rooms are not only clean, but the air that we breathe is safe for our employees and students. “

Those wanting a complete copy of the report can request one from the Central Administration Office on Berkley Street.

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