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Ancilla’s Lampen Lecture Series Examines ‘Sacred Water’

April 12, 2011

04/13/11 Vera Tiani, B.S., M.A., LMHC, was on hand as presenter for Ancilla College’s third Lampen Lecture of the semester, “Sacred Water”.

In the presentation, Tiani focused on the nutritional value of water and the importance of properly managing the earth’s water resources.

“I see so many young folks with cans of pop,” said Tiani.  “There are long-term ramifications to not staying hydrated.  Getting this message across is important.

“We all need to be caretakers of our water resources.  We need to know where it came from and how it is treated.  Seventy percent of the body is water.  The most important thing is to have healthy water every day.”

Tiani used images of various water crystals to show the effects of different water treatments and also spoke of the health benefits found in the negative ions inherent in different sources of water.

This Lampen Lecture was part of Ancilla College’s celebration of Earth Week and was held in room 231 of the College.

The series was named for Sr. Joel Lampen, the first president of Ancilla College, who opened the doors of Ancilla to the local community. 

The Lampen Lecture Series was designed to combine the universality of the Catholic Church, the international character of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, who sponsor Ancilla College, and the Earth Charter to promote thinking beyond one’s own experiences and interests. 

Ancilla College is a Catholic, two-year, co-educational, liberal arts college in Donaldson, Indiana sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.