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Argos Considers Raise in Trash Rate

January 27, 2011

01/28/11  The Argos Town Council was told by Derek Jones, Town Attorney, the progress of the Load Profile Meter Agreement.  A Load Profile Meter is a special electric meter, used by factories or public buildings that will let the user monitor the amount of electricity being used.  This is not to be confused with the Load Limiter Meter which limits the amount of electricity to a residence.  Maddress Packing and the Argos Community School are the two entities currently using the Load Profile Meter.  The agreement would outline the charge and liability of the meter.

The Council passed the first Ordinance for 2011.  This is for an increase in the trash rate.  Last year Argos contracted with Allied Waste to collect the trash for the town.  Allied charged $13.74 per every house in Argos.  This means the town is charged even if a house is vacant.  The Council passed an ordinance setting the trash charge on the utility bill at $13.00.  This year Allied raised the rate to $14.29.  The Council decided to raise the home trash pick up rate for 2011 to $14.29.  “We will still be losing money but not as much.” said Dave Walker, Council President.

Also passed was a resolution for an increase in the power tracking rate for electricity.  The power tracking rate is being used to pass any decrease or increase Argos is charged from their power suppler.  This is done every three months.  This is the first increase in over one year.  It is not much of an increase, only 1/10 of 1 cent.  “We are paying less for January 2011 then what we paid in January 2010.” Walker told the audience. 

Teressa Welborn Correspondent


One Response to “ Argos Considers Raise in Trash Rate ”

  1. EMT_CHICK_A21 on January 27, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    SERIOUSLY! “not much of an increase” First increase in over 1 year! You turn down the furnace to try and keep heating costs down…..gas/electric goes up, You try and minimize shower time, watering flowers (forget about it), you recycle to help minimize trash you put out, make sure cans are in by 7pm (to avoid fines). It’s just frustrating, you try so hard to be conservative and it seems it’s all for nothing :(. But unfortunately it’s this way for many many people. Thank you President Obama for giving business’s no choice but to increase prices so you can rescue the wealthy people.