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Argos Could Qualify for Community Focus Funds

July 18, 2011

07/19/11Jennifer Laurent, Executive Director of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, announced to the Argos Town Council the outcome of the income survey.  54.2% of the households reported an income below the national average.  At least 50% of the households surveyed had to be below the national average to qualify for grants.

Jennifer told the Council they could apply for Community Focus Fund through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA).  The Council was looking for funding for a storm drain system for the entire town.  There are currently sections in town that have a storm drain system.  Some sections use a dry well system for the rainwater.  There are also some sections that do not have any system for the removal of the rain water.  OCRA has advised the council to “think big”.  Put in a new storm drain system for the entire town instead of quick fixes for certain areas.    Argos could qualify for the maximum amount of $600,000.  The first step is to apply for a Planning Grant.  There is a 10% match for both grants.  The match could be with money or “in kind” services.

The Council decided not to hire a second apprentice for the electric department.  They will wait until there will be an opening in the department.

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