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June 9, 2011

06/10/11 Argos High School presented Senior Awards and Scholarships last week to graduating students.  The following is a listing of all awards and scholarships.

Front row (left to right): Phillip Walters, enlisted with Armed Services, Dr. Jennifer Lucht, Principal, Duy Nguyen, Vietnamese Student Exchange, Christina Sordal, Norwegian Exchange Student 

Back row: Dylan Colburn, enlisted with the Armed Services, Joep Schlosser, Dutch Exchange Student

Front row (left to right): Alex Zechiel (International Harvester Collectors Scholarship Winner, Samuel Elliott Perkins Scholarship Winner, IN 4-H Foundation Scholarship Winner), Duane Spencer & Riley Stauffer (National Wild Turkey Scholarship Winners), Ashley Rice (Eugene & Janice Cooper Scholarship Winner), Patrick Johnston (Imagine America Scholarship Winner), Cara Kaszas (America Red Cross Scholarship Winner), Katelynn Zechiel (International Harvester Collectors Scholarship Winner & Cargill Scholarship Winner)

Back row: Mr. Mike Jones (Cargill & IN 4-H Foundation), Mr. John Dietl (NWT Federation), Janice and Eugene Cooper (Eugene & Janice Cooper Scholarship), Mrs. Tracey Leeper (Samuel Elliott Perkins), Mrs. Patty Kitch (International Harvester Collectors & Samuel Elliott Perkins)

Front row (left to right): Matt Hollar (Arthur H. Dunlap Scholarship Winner), Zach West (Ronald A. Leichty Scholarship Winner & Hazel Dell Neff Smelser Scholarship Winner), Kala Williams (St. Joseph Medical Center Scholarship Winner & St. Joseph Medical Center Aux. Scholarship Winner), Katelynn Zechiel (St. Joseph Medical Center Scholarship Winner & Old Gold Scholarship Winner), Tiffany Dreibelbis (Pearson Scholarship Winner), Cara Kaszas (Nellie Newhouse Scholarship Winner), Zach Smith (Herbert Blocker Scholarship Winner & Old Gold Scholarship Winner)

Back row: Ronald and Damon Leichty (Ronald A. Leichty Scholarship), Ginger Calhoun(Nellie Newshouse), Lynn Gee & Mary Hoover (St. Joseph Medical Center Aux.), Pete Braasch (Hazel Dell Neff Smelser & Pearson)

Front row (left to right): Skylier Kelly & Matt Hollar(FFA Scholarship Winners) Alex Zechiel (FFA Scholarship, Walnut Twp 4-H Scholarship & Culver Young Farmers Scholarship Winner), Katelynn Zechiel (FFA Scholarship & Walnut Twp 4-H Scholarship Winner), Kala Williams & Cara Kaszas (Walnut Twp 4-H Scholarship Winners), Samantha Stults (FFA Scholarship & Walnut Twp 4-H Scholarship Winner)

Back row: Mr. Mike Jones (FFA Scholarship & Culver Young Farmers Scholarship),Duane Spencer (FFA Scholarship Winners), Mrs. Tracey Leeper (Walnut Twp 4-H Scholarship)

Front row (left to right): Matt Hollar (1st Source Scholarship Winner), Zach West (CTA Scholarship, ASIS Scholarship & Argos Lions Club Scholarship Winner), Alex Zechiel (Charles Bradley/Kiwanis Scholarship Winner),Latisha Shepherd (Bill Sanders/Delores Furr Scholarship Winner),Katelynn Zechiel (Gloria Sanders Scholarship Winner), Ashley Rice (Emma Redinger Scholarship Winner)Sam Stults (Kathy Stults Memorial Scholarship Winner),

Back row: Tiffiny Dreibelis (Franklin Furr Scholarship winner) Mr. Phil Hamand (1stSource Scholarship),  Mrs. Dianne Bradley (Charles Bradley/Kiwanis Scholarship),  Brett & Debbie Sanders (Bill Sanders/Delores Furr, Gloria Sanders, Franklin Furr Scholarships), Jenny & Ted Redinger (Emma Redinger Scholarship), Randy Maxson (Ivy Tech College representative), Kala Williams (Ivy Tech Valedictorian Scholarship Winner)

Front row (left to right): Cara Kaszas (Madison & Elizabeth   Stephenson Scholarship Winner) , Latisha Shepherd (Dick Grolich Scholarship & Tad VanDerWeele Memorial Scholarship Winner), Kala Williams (Helen G. & Gerald M. Hess Scholarship & Max & Lois Edmonds Scholarship Winner), Alexandra Zechiel (J.O. Thompson Scholarship & Ella M. Leeper Scholarship Winner), Katelynn  Zechiel (Argos Firemen Scholarship Winner)

Back row: Zach West (JoEllen Castleman/Hall Memorial Scholarship Winner), Matt Hollar (Argos High School Class of 1957 Winner), Riley Stauffer (Argos Firemen Scholarship Winner), Mr. Jon VanDerWeele &Mr. Eugene Cooper (Dollars for Scholars representatives)

Front row (left to right): Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Winners Latisha Shepherd, Alexandra Cataldo, Cara Kaszas, Ashley Rice, Kala Williams, Alexandra Zechiel, Katelynn Zechiel

Back row: Samantha Stults, Tiffiny Dreibelbis, Matt Hollar, Zach West, Riley Stauffer, Mr. Jon VanDerWeele & Mr. Eugene Cooper (Dollars for Scholars representatives)

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