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Argos Implement Annual Fitness Exam

February 10, 2011

02/11/11 The Argos Town Council had a short meeting last Wednesday night.  Police Chief, Rod Rudd, presented a proposal for a wellness plan and a fitness exam.  Rudd would like to implement a yearly fitness exam for the Police Department.  This exam will have the same standards as the one required by the state to become an officer.  Rudd presented costs from the LifePlex in Plymouth and the Wellness Center in Rochester.  Both facilities offered discounts for government employees.   Rudd explained that two officers lived in Rochester and he thought they would more likely use a facility closer to their homes.  The cost would be paid from the Continuing Education Fund in the Police Department’s budget.  This is funded solely from the court fines from ordinance enforcements.  No tax monies will be used.  The Council voted for a one year trial and to review the participation next year.

It was decided to have Ortman Company perform a comprehensive maintenance and testing on the well system.  This will cost just over $21,000.  The last time this was done was in 1994.

Dave Walker, Council President, report on a Merit Pay workshop that was held.  It was decided last year to begin a Merit Pay System for the town employees.  There has been one workshop to share ideas on what should be required.  Dave said that there was still some “tweaking” needed.  Another workshop was scheduled for Wednesday, February 16th, at 6:30 pm.  This workshop will be opened to the public.

Correspondent Teressa Welborn