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Argos Town Board Approves Ordinance for 2011 Pay Raises

July 4, 2011

07/05/11 The Argos Town Council passed Ordinance 2011-2 this month giving pay raises to the town employees for 2011.  The money for the raises was budgeted for 2011 but was not given due to the fact the Council wanted to enact a merit system for pay raises.  Several workshops were held and an evaluation form with a value of 50 points was developed.  It was first decided that if an employee received a score between 45 to 50 points they get 100% of the raise.  If they earned 36 to 44 points they would get 50% of the raise.  Below 36 points and they would not get a raise for the year.

There was discussion amongst the Council Members concerning the point scale.  Casie Rowe voiced her concern with the scale being used.  “Only two employees will get 100% raises while there are others who are doing above average work but only get 50% raises.” said Casie.  Linda Jones said “If the employees got a 50% raise this would give them something to strive for next year.”  George Null reminded the Council “This is the first year of trying something.  If it still needs work we will change it.”  “It feels like we don’t have enough room for a graduated scale.” President Dave Walker told the Council.  A motion was made to give 100% raises for the employees who scored 40 points or higher and no raises if they scored below 39 points.  The motion passed 3-2 with Linda Jones and George Null voting against it.

The amounts budgeted were questioned.  It was explained that $2,080 raises for the electrical employees and the $4,091 for the billing clerk were so that they would be receiving pay to those with surrounding areas.  A motion was made for the raises to be given retroactive to January 1st.  This was passed 3-2.

Teressa Welborn Correspondent

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