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Argos Town Board Handles Unique Problem

February 22, 2011

02/22/11 The Argos Town Council was faced with a very unique problem last Wednesday.   This envolved the security light at the Quimby residence on 18th road.  In 2005, Kris Quimby requested the electric to be turned on for her home she just moved into.   Records showed there was a town owned security light on the location.  She was asked if she wanted the service of the security light and she said yes and has been charged $9.68 a month since.  It was discovered last summer that the security light had been wired through their electric meter.  It seems that the light had been wired this way before she bought the property.  Kris asked to be reimbursed for the amount she had paid for the light over the last six years. 

George Null, Council Vice President, suggested a refund of $297.36.  “She said she wanted the security light and this is would be half of the cost.” George said.  “I am not asking for more money than what I paid.”  Kris stated.  It was decided to give a full reimbursement of $594.72 as credit on the utility bill.

The income survey is slow on being completed.  This is a survey that is required in several federal grant applications.  Argos could be denied grant monies if this is not completed soon.  The Council is checking in the possibility of the Senior class at the High School to go door to door to gather the information needed.

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