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Autopsy Results of Inmates Death

September 21, 2011

09/22/11 The Marshall County Coroner’s Office reported late Wednesday afternoon that preliminary autopsy results from Tuesday indicated that Georgina Onofre, an inmate at the Marshall County Correctional Facility, died of natural causes early Monday morning. The autopsy was performed Tuesday by board certified forensic pathologist, Dr. Jos. Prahlow of South Bend. Coroner Bill Cleavenger who attended the autopsy along with an investigator from the Indiana State Police said there was no evidence indicating that the inmate’s death had any connection with the fact that she had been in the jail for approximately two weeks prior her death. Cleavenger reported that Onofre received immediate medical care by the jail staff prior to the arrival of Plymouth Paramedics. Tapes at the jail showed Onofre becoming unresponsive and staff at her side almost immediately.

“The jail staff acted promptly and according to protocols for medical emergencies involving individuals at the facility. If anything, Onofre was fortunate to have been in a cell directly across from the staff,” according to the Coroner. Cleavenger said no other members of his staff  have been involved in the investigation and he is continuing to work with the Indiana State Police.

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