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Aviation Board Looks at New Sign Proposal from Vanadco

August 10, 2011

09/11/11 Chad Bailey of Vanadco Signs presented a revised design for signage at Tuesday night’s Board of Aviation meeting.  The board plans to erect a new sign some 75 feet off of Michigan Street to help identify the airport. Vanadco had originally proposed a sign that required approval from the FFA (Federal Aviation Administration and the Plymouth BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals). It surpassed the dimensions spelled out in the city’s developmental standards. Although the FAA approved the project, the BZA voted unanimously against the proposal that was presented. On Tuesday night at the Aviation meeting Bailey resubmitted a drawing of signage that would not require a variance that met with board approval.

Airport Manager Dave Lattimer summarized improvements made at the airport betweenJuly 1, 2010andJuly 1, 2011. Among those was the removal of old non-functioning hanging type gas heaters in hangers A, B, and M and the installation of new tube type energy efficient gas heaters in each hanger; the installation of a building and hangar bay numbering system for emergency personnel to be able to quickly find a location; acquired a second airport courtesy vehicle for fly-in pilots to use in the community; installed a trailer parking pad; and removal of the forty-five-year-old cable type door opener system and installation of three bi-fold doors.

Flynn told the board that the airport was especially busy during the last weekend. He said, “There was even a parking attendant helping to park cars since it was so busy.” Flynn indicated that the three businesses that lease space at the airport are in a large part responsible for the increase in traffic. Light Sport Repair Services, Inc. provides service for all light sport aircraft including the manufacturing of power parachutes, Fort Wayne Helicopters are providing helicopter instruction, and Plymouth Sky Sports are operating a skydiving facility.

Carol Anders Correspondent