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Bids Open at Aviation Meeting

March 9, 2011

03/10/11  The Plymouth Board of Aviation Commissioners opened quotes for electrical work during their regular meeting on Tuesday night for Hangers A and B.  The quotes, opened by City Attorney Nelson Chipman, were taken under advisement. The board has scheduled a special meeting for March 15 when they expect to award the bid.

Quotes included the following: Banner Electric-Plymouth, $11,897; Maddox Electric-Culver, $15,190.45; J & M Services-Plymouth, $9,050; Michiana Contracting-Plymouth, $9,850; and J & K Services, Inc.-South Bend, $12,761.72.

There was only one bid for monument signage. The bid from Vanadco Signs in Argos for a 17 foot sign was for $8,085, plus tax and permits. This bid, too, was taken under advisement after a discussion about what the City of Plymouth and the FAA would allow. Board members had specifications for the sign at 17 ‘X 7’. Mark Shillington of Woolpert, Inc, consultant for the board, said he had contacted Greg Sweeny of the FAA concerning the location of where the board intended to erect the sign. Shillington said the FAA has prohibited the location due to it’s inclusion in the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ).

Shillington said, “You have four options: Abandon all together; move it to the south side where there is about 35 ‘ outside the RPZ; place it on land owned by Indiana Tool that the board has expressed interest in purchasing; or ask Greg Sweeny to approach the FAA headquarters for variance.

In the end, the board voted unanimously to have Woolpert work with Sweeny for a variance.

City Building inspector Keith Hammonds was also at the meeting. He said, “In my opinion, you have justification to ask for a local variance from the BZA. (Board of Zoning Appeals).

Board President Tom Flynn said the size of the sign proposed at 119 square feet would have places for business leasing from to put on their names.

The purchase of the property on the west side of the current airport belonging to Indiana Tool was also a topic of discussion. In order to be considered for reimbursement from the FAA, additional reviews are needed. The board voted in favor of contracting with Bill Neal who did the appraisals for the reviews at a cost of $600.

Flynn said, “Right now, every car that drives in is in our RPZ.”

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that had been sent to the FAA with a list of projects on what the local board considered priorities may have to be changed. Shillington said, “In 2009, the state updated your pavement index study.” INDOT provides the study every two years. Shillington said, “The runway is in too bad of a shape to leave untouched until you get to your priorities of number 10 and 11.” Project 10 was submitted as a design project and project 11 as the construction of a runway. The board had several extensive cracks in the runway patched last fall, but Woolpert representatives said the FAA does not consider it a permanent fix. At this point, the board is looking to Woolpert to help resolve the CIP differences.

There was also a discussion on how to proceed with an apron reconstruction project. Flynn suggested seeking help from the city of Plymouth Street Department to pour new concrete in the deteriorated sites. However, Wollpert representatives suggested that there are federal standards that have to be met and that there is a trench drain in the area to consider.

No decision was reached as how to proceed.

Airport Manger Dave Lattimer presented a check to the board for the last remaining hanger space at the airport. The application by Steve Engel was approved. Engel and the board had reached an agreement after several months of negotiations over hanger space with the stipulation that Engel’s aircraft be certified as airworthy. Latimer presented the board with report signed by a certified mechanic that the air craft is now air worthy. The contract for the hanger became effective on March 8.

Carol Anders Correspondent