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Booth Spent 2 Weeks in China on Purdue Entrepreneur Program

August 15, 2011

08/16/11 When Doug Booth returned to Purdue University this week to begin his junior year, he had a new appreciation for his country. Booth, a Plymouth High School graduate, spent two weeks this summer in Hong Kong and China. He was one of 20 applicants accepted for the trip that is sponsored by the Purdue Entrepreneur Program.  All in all, there were some 50-60 applicants vying for the honor.

He is majoring in Business Management with a concentration on management information systems.

He learned first hand how other countries view theUnited States. Booth said a professor at the university inChinawhere they studied explained his belief that the Chinese philosophy in business is different from the American way of looking at things. Booth said the said the instructor said Americans are more individualistic and do things for themselves or their families while the Chinese concentrate on doing things for the betterment of the group and work 14 hours six days per week..

Booth said they toured 12-15 different companies and had the opportunity to attend conferences with the businesses. He said, “I would go back as a businessman, but not as a tourist.”

To fully experience the Chinese way of life, Booth said he ate the food native to the country, but admitted he did go for a burger at the Hard Rock Café’.

He said walking along the shopping center area in the main streets reminded him of aHollywoodmovie set, but other areas caused some anxiety. He said, “When you turned down an alley where street vendors worked, you got all kinds of looks.” He said they had been warned to wear their backpacks in front for safety reasons.”

“We live in luxurious dorms at Purdue. It was a shock to get ready in a bathroom that was 5’ X 3’ with the shower, toilet and sink.” He was equally as astonished at the housing inHong Kong. He said, “They all live in apartments that are three to five feet from the highway.”

Booth’s family was pleased that there was internet communication which allowed Doug to email them on a regular basis.

Doug’s father, Bob Booth, said a trip out of the country opens kid’s eyes to different cultures. Bob Booth said, “It was a tremendous experience for him, but I’m happy to have him home.” He added, “Chinais on the exact opposite of theUnited Stateson the globe. That’s a long ways away.” “But I have all the confidence in the world in Purdue.” he said.

Booth was an honor student at PHS and was able to start Purdue with 21 credits. He said, “PHS prepared me for college quite well.”

He was also selected as freshman for the Purdue Marching Band and has advanced to being named a section leader for this school year. He was also chosen to receive one of two Tom Miller All American Band Scholarships. He said, “Being in the band and practicing with the marching band means that free time is very limited.”

Bob Booth said he was not surprised that Doug has been so successful. Doug works in the family business, Plymouth Rock Golf Course, each summer.  Bob Booth said, “I see first had his work ethic and patterns. Purdue sees that in him too.”

Doug’s mother, Sandy Dodson, said, “You definitely have to be worried about your son leaving our country.” “But the opportunity outweighed the fears. She said, “She too said it was reassuring to get emails from Doug.”

Dodson pointed out that Doug had traveled on a cruise outside of theUnited Statesand had traveled to several states with the BPA (Business Professionals of America) Club while he was in high school. She said, “He learned how to handle himself.”

Booth said landing inChicagowas extra special. He said, “The first thing I saw was the American flag under the clouds.”

Carol Anders Correspondent

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