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Cancer Association of M.C. Annual Meeting

November 11, 2011

11/14/11 The Cancer Association of Marshall County began assisting cancer patients within the county in 1962.  Funding began with monies from the estates of Welcome R. Ebersole, Grace Moslander, and Roy Hawk.  The Zeta Zeta Chapter of Delta Theta Tau implemented the program by providing transportation to cancer patients and providing financial assistance to patient for the purchase of drugs related to cancer care.  Funds to provide transportation are not utilized as often since local hospitals are conveniently located.  Donations and memorials continue to fund the CAMC. Cancer patients can fill out an application for assistance and if approved, payments are made directly to pharmacies or providers on behalf of the patients. Transportation, wigs, body creams, prosthesis, pillows and hats are also available.  The CAMC assisted twelve people this year and currently has three pending applications.  Contact any of the CAMC officers for an application or with any questions:  Arlene McCan 780-2921, Jerry Slein 936-2158, Marilyn Byers 276-0575 or Shirley Gidley 936-4480.

Seated:  Treasurer Shirley Gidley, President Arlene McCan and Nila Greenlee

Front row:  Bobbie Anderson, Secretary Marilyn Byers, Damaris Story, Ajean Treat, Juanita Uhlig and Phyllis Gray

Back row:  Sally Scobey, Marcia Caine, Tammy Houin, Vickie Ellinger, Dixie Lingle and Vice President Jerry Slein

Not pictured:  Susie Cook, Debbie O’Keefe, Cathy Clough, Ed Kelso, Marsha Banning and Susie Swain