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City Council Approves Transfer of Property from Commissioners

May 11, 2011

05/12/11 Members of the Plymouth Common Council approved a resolution Monday night accepting the transfer of tax certificates from the Marshall County Commissioners to the City of Plymouth. 

City Attorney Nelson Chipman told Council members that there is an Indiana Code that permits and established a procedure for the transfer or exchange of property between government entities.  He then explained that the County Commissioners have Tax Certificates for 3 parcels of property adjacent to Founders Park behind the Coffee Lodge & Bakery. 

The properties in question were originally owned by Vinod Gupta. The properties have been on the tax sale with no one showing any interest, mainly because they are in the flood plain. The commissioners felt that the property could be better used by the city and offered to give the city the properties for $1. 

Monday night the City Council approved a resolution that allow the Marshall County Commissioners to transfer the tax certificates for the real estate to the city clarifying that the property is sold “as is.”   The transfer of the certificates is for $1 consideration by the City of Plymouth who also agrees to pay any and all other fees and costs to effect and complete the transfer of such certificates for the real estate.

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