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City Council Receives Copy of Airport CIP

April 17, 2011

04/18/11 Plymouth Airport Manager Dave Lattimer presented member of the Common Council with the 2012-2016 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Projects in the CIP for 2011 include the 3rd reimbursement for the Stockberger property, design and construction of the corporate apron, along with determining whether the existing runway can be improved to a point that it adequately serves the aviation users and the political, social and economic impacts due to a new runway.

The CIP lists an AWAS (automated weather observing system) in 2012.  The board anticipated using the NPE funds available in FY 2012 along with State apportionment funds for the project.

2013 has an update to the Airport Layout Plan.   The Aviation Board will also look at the Stockberger property that was acquired in 2009.  In the agreement Mr. Stockberger has an option of reacquiring the property is a project to use said ground is not underway by 2014.

The next year, 2014 lists a project to implement the obstruction mitigation plan to improve the minimums to runway 10-28.  It’s anticipated that approach minimum improvements can be obtained through land acquisition, relocating Lilac Road, and tree removal and or obstruction lighting.   This project is a key safety related project identified as the FAA’s top ACIP funding priority in the 2006 memorandum.

Looking further into the future, the 2015 lists land acquisition and obstruction removal and or lighting.  This is also a key safety project while the 2016 would be the design phase to relocate Lilac Road.

Lattimer said to board members, “Nothing is a secret of what we are doing at the airport.”  He also noted the new businesses located at the airport, Plymouth Sky Sports, Light Sport Repair and the new helicopter training.  He said they would also like to see adding airplane flight training in the future.