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City Council to Consider Up to A 3% Raise for 2012

May 23, 2011

05/24/11 Members of the Plymouth Common Council heard first reading of the 2012 Paid Holiday Ordinance.  The ordinance calls for 12 paid holidays next year including Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday and Veterans Day.  Two days are scheduled for the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas Holiday.

Council members also held first reading of the 2012 Salary Ordinance.  The ordinance calls for a maximum increase of 3 percent.  City Attorney Nelson Chipman noted that city employees are still being paid the salaries they had in 2009.

In other business City Council member Chuck Ripley suggested looking at doing an” upgrade” to the longevity pay for city employees.  Ripley noted that Plymouth Police and Firemen earn $225 per year in longevity while other city employees only make $50 for each year of service.   His suggestion was to raise it up to $75 or $100 yearly.

Clerk Treasurer Toni Hutchings said a city employee does not receive their longevity pay until their third year of service.  At that point they are paid for the first, second and third year of service.  There is a maximum limit of 20 years or $1,000 for city employees and 20 years or $4,500 for police and firefighters.