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City Department Heads Submit Reports

April 14, 2011

04/15/11 Monthly or quarterly reports were presented to Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Monday evening.

Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker’s monthly report shows 197 fire alarm situations.  146 of those calls were emergency medical service incidents and 13 medical assist calls.  Firefighters were dispatched 9 times and cancelled en route and responded to 5 false alarms.  In March firemen responded to 4 natural vegetation fires and 4 structure fires.  They also were dispatched for 2 explosions with no fire, 2 rescue emergency medical calls, 2 service calls, and 2 system malfunctions.  Emergency responders went to 1 chemical release,  1 electrical wiring problem, 1 other fire, 1 outside rubbish fire, 1 person in distress, 1 public service assistant call, 1 steam or gas mistaken for smoke fire and 1 unintentional system operation.

148 fire calls were in Plymouth, 21 in Center Township, 21 calls in West Township, 2 Walkerton paramedic assists, 1 in Culver, 1 paramedic assist in Argos, 1 Starke County paramedic assist, 1 Culver paramedic assist, and 1 Lakeville/LaPaz paramedic assists.

Plymouth firefighters spend 545 hours of training in March.  Training included aviation safety, communication equipment, CPR, fire streams, hazmat awareness and operations, stethoscopy, paramedic school and more.

Police Chief Jim Cox presented his March report with a total of 702 calls and 317 traffic stops, along with 266 complaints and 199 9-1-1 calls.  Police officers conducted 193 security checks, handled 179 investigations, issued 57 traffic warnings, responded to 53 alarms, made 44 traffic arrests and 44 criminal arrests last month.

City police officers responded to 27 civil matters, investigated 25 property damage accidents, and  handled 23 juvenile complaints.  K-9 Rex was used 22 times, 18 $2 parking tickets were issued, 17 theft investigations were completed while officers also checked 16 suspicious vehicles, served 16 restraining orders, conducted 15 welfare checks,  checked on 15 suspicious persons, served 10 warrants, assisted with 3 lockouts, and handled 1 battery complaint.

Plymouth Building Inspector Keith Hammonds presented his first quarter report.  During the first three months of 2011 at total of 34 building permits were issued with an estimated construction cost of $3,722.660 compared to 56 building permits in the first quarter of 2010 with an estimated construction value of $3,096,985.

Building permits issued during the first quarter of this were include 8 for renovation,  6 for electrical, 4 fences, 3 accessory buildings, 2 each for additions, new construction, signs, temporary signs, and single family dwellings.  Other permits were 1 each for plumbing, a pool, and a porch.

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