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City Water Department Continues Switching Meters Out

November 21, 2011

11/22/11  Beginning now and into January the City of Plymouth Water Department will be resuming the process of switching to an updated meter system.  For the water department to accomplish this task in a timely manner we are asking for cooperation of all of our customers.

The service men will have identification on them will need to have access to the area where you meter is located.  This means that the area around the meter will need to be cleared of any obstacles that are blocking the area.  You the customer will be responsible for making sure access is available.  Our servicemen will not move any type of blockage from the area, although they will try to give you information as to what needs to be done.

The process of replacing the old meter system with the new updated system requires that the water be shut off while the work is being done.  A liability factor requires, also, that the customer be home when the water is shut off and turned back on.  If everything goes as should the process should only take about thirty minutes to one hour.  Unfortunately, there are always extenuating circumstances that could extend the time for your installation, so please plan your time at home accordingly.

Our working hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  If you need to make an appointment at a time that you can be home please feel free to contact the city office at 574-936-2124.

If you have any questions concerning this matter you may call the City office or you can call the4 water department at 574-936-2543.