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Commissioners Hear Request to Fill Employee Vacancies

April 4, 2011

04/05/11 The Marshall County Commissioners hear the request of County Clerk Julie Fox to replace two employees that have retired in her office during their meeting on March 21st.  The commissioners tabled her request allowing them time to review the positions and job descriptions.

Yesterday the commissioners listened to Fox as she details to duties of both positions.  It was then noted that she had already filled one position.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said it appeared that Fox had gotten to “cart before the horse” by filling the vacancy since the commissioners had asked department heads and elected officials to come before the commissioners and council for permission to rehire.  They had made the recommendation in 2009 for the 2010 budget and reaffirmed the request for the 2011 budget.

Commissioner Jack Roose said, “Are you going to hire this person regardless of our recommendation?”

Fox said she was waiting their recommendation.  She commented, “I’m not trying to seam-roll here.  I’m just trying to run my office effectively.”

Commissioner Greg Compton made a motion to send a favorable recommendation to the council on her request but it died for lack of a second.

Julie Fox asked why they were not approving her request and Roose said, “I’m not totally convenience we need to replace the second person as this time.”  Fox continued by asking the commissioners to take the time to come over to her office and see the goings-on there.

Karen Richey from Purdue Extension was on the Commissioner’s agenda seeking a favorable recommendation to replace a secretary in the office who also serves as the administrative assistant.  The Commissioners approved her request.