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Commissioners Reorganize and Make Appointments

January 3, 2011

01/04/11  The Marshall County Commissioners held their first meeting of the new year with the first order of business being the reorganization of the board.  After introducing new member Greg Compton Jack Roose motioned to retain the current officers for 2011.  Kevin Overmyer will serve another year as President and Jack Roose will remain Vice-President.  Greg Compton will be the member.

EMA Director Clyde Avery presented his monthly report.  The board motioned to have Greg Compton serve on the EMA Advisory Board since former Commissioner Tom Chamberlin is now the Sheriff of Marshall County.  They also appointed Compton to the District Planning Oversight Committee that meets quarterly and to the District Planning Council that meets monthly.

Avery said he had received four responses back regarding his request for feedback on the recent burn ban declaration.  All responses focused on the public information.  It was noted that issues arose informing the Amish community of the Ban.  Avery will convene a meeting of the Emergency Public Information Committee in an attempt to address the concerns and incorporate them into the plan.

In other business Connie Yates from Thorn Road in Walkerton approached the commissioners seeking the chain-of-command when a unresolved issue is not addressed by the Planning Director.  She said she had made complaints on a zoning issue and there has been no follow-up.  She continued by stating, “I have evidence that Mr. Booker has failed to follow up on legitimate complaints I have filed.”

The commissioners explained that the Plan Director is hired by the Plan Commission.  It was suggested that she attempt to get on their agenda to discuss her concerns with the board.  They also told her that Deb Griewank is the President of the commission.

In other business the two bridge projects, 13th Road and Pierce Street that are currently underway were overseen by former commissioner Tom Chamberlin.  Since the projects are major undertakings Jack Roose will attend to the 13th Road bridge project and Kevin Overmyer will oversee the Pierce Street bridge replacement project.

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