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Concerned Property Owners Call

August 8, 2011

08/09/11 Concerned Property Owners of Southern Marshall County have called a “town Hall” style meeting for this Saturday, August 13th at 10 a.m.  The group will be discussing the possibility of a large wind farm locating in the county.   Originally planned for the Uptown Cinema, organizers have moved the meeting to the Culver Elementary School Gymnasium due to the expected large attendance.

NextEra, a Florida-based wind farm company has been in the county talking with property owners and government offices along with the general public for several months.  They have erected a couple of test towers which have been gathering data.

NextEra has set its sights on a 17,000 acre area for the construction of 40 to 70 wind turbines.  The farm would be located in Marshall and Fulton Counties with the majority of the turbines falling in Marshall County’s southwest area encompassing the rural area between Argos and Culver, east to west and from Burr Oak and Hibbard to Richland Center in Fulton County for the north to south boundary.

According to the literature passed out at the public meeting in Argos the proposed turbines would be 262 to 328 feet tall at the bub in the center of the blades.  The blades are up to 50 feet long.  Concerned Property Owners estimate the turbines to be approximately 450 feet tall, about the height of a 45 story building.

The topic of the “town hall” meeting will be the much-discussed and debated proposed wind farm in Marshall County.    The matter has been controversial due to the claims of side effects the turbines produce in humans and animals.

Concerned Property Owners have promoted this meeting with a mass mailer to residents in the area.  They have also started a blog at

The meeting Saturday at the Culver Elementary School Gym is open to the public.


2 Responses to “ Concerned Property Owners Call ”

  1. TFStacy on August 10, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Sorry the issue isn’t simple:

    In addition to Old Geezer’s recommendation, please also read the following three documents:

    “What Not to Say” by physicist John Droz, Jr. Found at windpowerfacts dot info.

    Robert Bradley’s Op Ed in the Washington Times. URL =

    Op Ed at “The Daily” URL =

    Please avoid the NIMBY trap, which opens the door to the idea that “WIND ENERGY IS A GOOD IDEA AND I WANT TO GET IN THE WAY” – a position that will not help you win. Although the Mercer County, OH project evaporated apparently due to NIMBY issues, there is more to that story than meets the eye.

    That said, the Hulthren’s and thousands of other families are suffering in various ways. Suffering for a cleaner energy future is one thing. Suffering at the hand of snake oil salesmen – quite another!

  2. old geezer on August 8, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Anyone considering a wind turbine on their property should first read the blog site Our Life with DeKalb Wind Turbines ( It chronicles the year long experience of a family living 1400 feet from wind turbines owned by NextEra. If you still want a wind turbines in your area after reading the blog information, good luck.