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Concerned Property Owners of Southern M.C.

November 1, 2011

11/02/11 The October 24th What’s Your Opinion show on WTCA featured four guests who are land owners with NextEra wind turbines on their property. The show host questioned the landowners regarding various nuisances the turbines may pose such as noise, shadow flicker, environmental and local economic impact, etc. To our surprise, after doing some research on our own, we learned that one of the guests has a separate contract with NextEra to conduct various outreach activities in support of wind energy such as
visiting local schools and hosting tours. Furthermore, the other guests have participated in past promotional commercials for NextEra. None of this was disclosed to the listening audience.

Is it any wonder that all of the guests had positive things to say about wind turbines, when all of them have engaged in past promotional activities for NextEra? Is it any wonder that they all had positive things to say about wind turbines, when turbine lease contracts expressly forbid land owners from speaking out negatively about them?

WTCA has the right to have whomever they wish on their radio programs. But they also have an obligation to do their homework and let their audience know when their guests may have a conflict of interest. To do otherwise is disingenuous.

Below are the website links for each of the four guests, allowing readers to decide for themselves the credibility of the guests.

Lelan Russell
Carol Anderson
Bob Will
Steve Leutholtz


Concerned Property Owners of Southern Marshall County