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Cooling Center Open in Argos, Council Passes Zoning Code

July 21, 2011

07/22/11 A cooling center has been determined for Argos.  The Argos Town Council announced that the conference room in the Town Hall will be the cooling center.  The room will be open for the residents to use during the heat warning.  There is a public restroom and water fountain for their convience.
The Council passed on the first reading the new Argos Zoning Code, Ordinance 2011-5.  Dave Walker, Planning Commission President, explained “This has been a work in progress for over four years.”  A new zoning code had to be developed when it was determined to be invalid by former Judge Michael Cook.   The Planning Commission reworked verbiage and removed references to departments not in existence in Argos such as a Technical Review Board.  With the help of Ralph Booker, the Commission added sections concerning wind farms and flood plains.  Commission Member, Don Mahoney, said this is “a work in progress”.  There will always be changes need to be made.  A copy of the new Zoning Code will available at the Clerks office for the public to review.
The Argos Fire Department had a request concerning this years Fourth-A-Bration.  The Council provided $2,500 for the Fire Department to provide the day of celebration.  There was an understanding any funds not used would be returned to the Council.  New this year, was a concert provided by Winchester Fletcher.  The concert was not well attended because of the weather.  The rain that night kept people from attending because they thought it was out in the open at the fairgrounds.  Actually, the concert was in the covered arena.  There was a $500 short fall.  The Council agreed to make up the difference.

Teressa Welborn Correspondent