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Council Amends Salery Ordinance for Part-Time Building Inspector

March 14, 2011

03/15/10 Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer appeared before the County Council Monday morning seeking an amendment to the 2011 Salary Ordinance.  Overmyer explained that the current ordinance does not have a salary for a part-time building inspector.

The position will be 20 hours weekly at $19.43 an hour or $769.23 every pay-period.  The part- time inspector will not receive any benefits and no take home car.

Overmyer said the commissioners will conduct interviews on Friday.  He said, “I don’t know how successful we’ll be finding a qualified candidate.”   The qualified candidate must have expertise in the building field and will be required to become certified.

The Council unanimously approved the request.

He also noted that when the economy improves and the number of building permits and inspections increase they will revisit the position.

In other business the Council gave their blessing to Michael Marshall to purchase a storage array that will double the county’s server storage space.  The technology cost is $22,000.  The Commissioners recommended using the Rainy Day Fund.  After a PowerPoint presentation and discussion the majority of the Council members appeared to be in favor, saying pay for it now or pay for it later.

Because the appropriation was not advertised the County Council will make their final decision during next month’s meeting.