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County Police Reports

June 23, 2011

6/24/11 Marshall County Police received a call on June 16th about 10:00 a.m. in regard to a theft.   Sometime between May 20th and Thursday June 16th unknown person removed approximately 650 feet of electrical wiring from the victim’s irrigation system in the 19,000 block of State Road 8.   If you have any information, please contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department 574-936-3187. 

On Saturday, June 18th around 12:40 p.m. while Patrolman Brandon Cooper was on routine patrol and witnessed a maroon Dodge Van swerving on US 31 near 12th Road.  The vehicle had pulled over at 12th Road and at that time Officer Cooper noticed that the van had a flat tire and pulled over to assist the vehicle.  Upon investigation it was found that driver, Count Von Neal 36, of Plymouth was driving on a suspended license.  Neal was taken into custody and transported to the Marshall County Jail where he was booked in for Driving While Suspended with a Prior.  A $750.00 cash bond was paid on the same date at 4:00pm.  Neal scheduled court appearance in Marshall County Superior Court #2 on July 12th

Then later on Saturday around 7:00 p.m. Officer Les McFarland responded to the 10,000 block of King Road in reference to a theft.  It was found that several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry was taken from the home.  After an investigation it was discovered that the suspect lived in Monterey and had allegedly taken the jewelry while he was visiting the home.    The investigation found that the suspect sold the jewelry to a pawn shop in Knox.  Officer McFarland is completing the case report and forwarding the case report to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office for review and possible formal charges being filed on the male subject.

Patrolman Rob Hafke responded to 16450 Lincoln Highway, the current location of Treaders, on Monday June 20th at approximately 2:25pm in reference to unknown individuals entering the property sometime between Saturday June 18th at 4:00pm and Monday June 20th around 5:30am.  The individuals stole several pieces of metal and broke into semi -trailers on the property stealing numerous tools, and then started cutting a large metal cage apart taking several pieces.  Anyone with information regarding the thefts is asked to contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 574-936-3187.

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2 Responses to “ County Police Reports ”

  1. JenB on June 24, 2011 at 3:10 am

    This story kirk ironically sounds like my POS Deadbeat sperm donor, does his initials happen to be A.F? I don’t know the entire story because we do not communicate because he is a LOSER!!! But I do know he stole a credit card and charged it up so to speak and is now on House Arrest claiming that he works for his friends concret business yet I don’t ever see any support what so ever and the wonderfull prosecuting attorney does not give a crap. This loser owes me close to 13000 and my daughter is not even 4. This man still drives and has never spent a day in jail for being behind. They allow him to fill out lame 40 job worksheets over 20 times and has never gotten a job. I am very sorry to hear about your situation, and it is not at all fair how it is being handled. If this is the same person I would like to know why no judge in their right mind would order house arrest. I am under the impression u have to pay to be on house arrest, so if u can’t pay your child support how the heck can u pay for house arrest? Way to use your brain Marshall co. And yes this same person has been in prison for Drugs and still uses them!! This person should be locked up and the key thrown away, it sounds best for all parties involved.

  2. Kirk Davis on June 23, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    McFarland was wasting his time filling out the report…

    On June 20th of 2010, while I lay in an ambulance I asked a person I thought I could trust to grab my wallet from my open car door. I had dragged myself to the car, in the pouring rain to call 911 after falling 25 feet and could not walk on my mangling limbs.

    While getting my wallet, he stole my debit card. Then, while I was in the hospital, he stole over $8000 in cash and merchandise by fraudulently using the card at over 20 different locations in 3 Counties. (he tried to steal over $12,000)

    After one year of getting letter after letter from the victims assistance office explaining that his court date had been extended to the next month, I finally found out his charge and his sentence. For nearly that entire year I was forced to watch him drive all over town, by himself, while only having a learner’s permit (due to law violations he was unable to attain a full license during his 15 or more years of driving). Despite reporting his illegal driving to the authorities over 20 times and providing video evidence of it, he was never cited or arrested for driving illegally.

    The case was only ever prosecuted in Marshall County. He was not charged with 20+ felony counts, after having committed 20 felonies… he was charged with only two. He had been charged over the previous year with multiple felonies, and convicted of none of them (yes all Marshall County). (He had apparently served time in the Indiana State Prison for a narcotics conviction).

    HE ENDED UP GETTING A $1 FINE AND IS SERVING HOUSE ARREST, which means he can come and go whenever his boss (a close friend of his) says he is working, and get one day credit for each day he doesn’t get arrested again. HE STOLE $8000- GOT TO KEEP EVERYTHING HE STOLE- AND HIS ONLY PUNISHMENT IS he has to spend a few months at home.

    Like I said… filling out a police report seems to be a waste of time. It is a shame our officers risk their lives everyday and are rewarded by seeing career criminals consistently slapped on the wrist.