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Former Citizen’s Incident in Downtown

November 4, 2011
My name is Susan and I am a former resident of Plymouth.  I was in town this past week, visiting my family.  I was shopping the downtown area  during the day while my kids and grandkids were at work and school.  A tall gentleman threw his cigarette butt out towards the road, and when he did it almost hit me as I was on the sidewalk.  I didnt think much of it other than it was extremely rude.  As I made my way back up the sidewalk on the other side of the road, I noticed a van promoting an election for Jim Vinall.  THIS WAS THE EXACT MAN THAT TRIED TO HIT ME WITH THE CIGARETTE!!!!  I was appauled by this.  I went back across the street to find him and confront him on his rudeness, but I was unable to locate him.  The cigarette butts in the road and the entire area around him lets me know he was not far. 
I went home and told my son and daughter in law about the incident and with them living in the county they were unable to give to much feed back.
I know you have an opinion show that people are allowed “speak their peace”…I live in Missouri and I’m back home now.  I hope you can please address this.
Thank you,Susan Lahman

2 Responses to “ Former Citizen’s Incident in Downtown ”

  1. sbmear on November 16, 2011 at 12:45 am

    I do agree it is upsetting that people throw their cigarettes on the sidewalk and along the curb. Usually they are still lit and burning too. You should not be littering our sidealks and streets with any thing, gum, papers, cigarettes.

  2. sbmear on November 15, 2011 at 10:32 am

    I agree it is rude to throw a cigarette on the downtown streets and sidewalks. It is even more rude to do it when there are people walking in the area.
    It is disgusting to walk downtown and see all the butts left on sidewalks and along the curb. When the cigarettes are thrown down they are almost always still burning too, leaving the smoke smell up everything. I hate it when we are walking and have to walk by those places where people are sitting out there smoking. We are walking for our health on our city streets and boom, forced to breathe in smoke of 2 oto 5 people at a time!!
    Isn’t it considered littering when throwing down ANYTHING ON THE STREET OR SIDEWALK?