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Fundraising for New Tech High School Ahead of Game

June 30, 2011

07/01/11  Plymouth School Superintendent Dan Tyree updated the board on the progress of obtaining the necessary monies to launch the New Tech High School. He said, “Through grants and donations, we already have $260,000.” Tyree said, “We plan to continue fundraising through July.” He also noted that most of the donations are five-year gifts, meaning that amounts pledged will be given over the 5-year period. He said, “There is not going to be cash in our pockets right away.”

Fundraising is centered in two areas, according to Tyree. One is to obtain gifts in the amount of $500,000 and the second in grants of approximately $250,000.

Tyree said the New Tech organization has visited the property and has now given the Plymouth corporation full acceptance. Tyree said, “We are way ahead of the game in fundraising and acceptance.”

Tyree said that following the July 12 meeting, the board will have an opportunity to interview two architects who will present their concepts for the New Tech space. The interviews will be held in executive session.

The superintendent said previously that the first year of New Tech will be limited to 100 students and that there is adequate classroom space available to accommodate the first year.

The board ratified the master contract with Plymouth Education Association (PEA). the contract voted on 5-0 will be in effect until June 30, 2012.

Laura Kruyer, president of the PEA, spoke briefly on the contract. She said, “I don’t think the public knows how hard we work without raises here at Plymouth due to cuts.” Teachers have not been given a raise in four years, according to Kruyer.

The contract ratified is predominantly the same as last year. Tyree said, “A year under our own contract would be soothing on the nerves.” He and the board thanked Kruyer for her help in settling the contract.

Both Tyree and Kruyer acknowledged that there will be changes coming from the Indiana Department of Education in the future. Kruyer said, “We know there are new rules, we just don’t know what they are.” 

Carol Anders Correspondent

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