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Gamble Announces Campaign Platform

March 2, 2011

03/03/11 Plymouth Mayoral candidate Tony Gamble released his platform Wednesday afternoon.

Gamble said, “I plan to run my campaign for Mayor in a manner that is somewhat different.”  He continued, “I want to connect with my fellow citizens in an authentic manner.  I feel it is important that they know and understand me for the person that I am, and I get to know them.” He said the he would not campaign with a big budget, but rather with hard work, and a big heart.

The owner of Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders, Gamble said, “I’m a career businessman, not a career politician.”  He noted his experience of working with a budget and staying on budget.   He believes his people stills will be an asset along with his personality which allows him to connect with people of all ages and walks of life.

When asked what his main goal was, Tony said, “My main goal, when elected, is to bring the City Government back to the people.  I want everyone to know that they have a voice that matters in this community, and they have the right to express their opinions.”

Mayoral candidate Tony Gamble lists Economic Development as an issue he want to keep in the forefront and says he’d work with the Chamber of Commerce and Marshall County Economic Development Corporation to attract new businesses and encourage current businesses to grow in the community.  He also thinks it’s time to determine what type of manufacturing space is available in the city limits and find appropriate tenants for those spaces.

Gamble said the downtown revitalization that is beginning should continue and suggested determining the amount and type of space available and then work with property owners to attract businesses.  He would also like to work to find a company interested in converting the Rees Cinema building into a stage theater.

Tony Gamble wants to see the completion of the South Gateway Project, the downtown park, and the next phase of the Greenway Trail.  He would also like to see street improvements such as 1st Street, Novelty, and Plum Street and Hillcrest Avenue.  Tony is passionate about bringing an all-inclusive playground to the city and says he’ll work for the deprivatization of the city trash pick-up.

2 Responses to “ Gamble Announces Campaign Platform ”

  1. TGamble on March 3, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    CommonCents – You make many good points. I agree with several of them. You are welcome to contact me directly at

  2. CommonCents on March 3, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Mr Gamble, good luck in the election. If you win, in your State of the City address, you might want to mention the County’s unemployment rate (which has went up while Indiana’s unemployment rate declined) and what you are doing about it. You might also want to find out when the garbage cans we taxpayers pay for each month have been “paid in full” via our elevated garbage rates and when we can get a decrease in our monthly garbage rates once the cans have been paid for. Also, please have the garbage collector pick up garbage on Michigan St. on ONE day during the week rather than THREE different days. Garbage cans line Plymouth’s main road every day of the week and it’s an eyesore. You might also encourage the high school to have its students to attend some of the City Council meetings to learn how government works. When I was in school it was called “Government Class”. I don’t know what they call it now. But who will run our City down the road if our kids don’t understand or get involved in the process. You might also open up the City Council meetings for discussion with residents rather than continually warning those in attendance “TOPICS ARE LIMITED ONLY TO AGENDA ITEMS”. This restricts discussion and the free flow of ideas. It might also be why typically none of the city’s residents ever attend the meetings. We also don’t need a full-time city attorney. What does that guy do all day anyway? Can’t the mayor write (or re-write) an ordinance? We also don’t need two MORE Council members because the City’s population is a few people over 10,000 now. The City changes ordinances all the time, why not on this? Can we afford to hire two more members? Taxpayers are also tired of the special treatment friends and family members of those in the administration or on the Council get. How about a vagrant and/or pan-handling ordinance to finally deal with these problems once and for all. No more tax abatements to relocate a business ONE block with NO promise of additional jobs and leaving yet another building vacant in the city. Tax abatements should only be granted to attract new business or create new jobs. These are just a few things to consider. It isn’t rocket science. Listen to the taxpayers and use a little fairness and common sense and you just might win! So good luck!