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“Gas War” in Plymouth

August 23, 2011

08/24/11 How low can it go?  That’s what drivers in Plymouth were wondering Tuesday afternoon as a “Gas War” began between several major gas suppliers.

It seems to have started with Murphy’s who dropped their price to $3.19.  That news spread and as soon as the BellMart BP Convenience Store at the corner of Michigan and Jefferson Streets found out they matched that price.  Most of the afternoon the gas station was packed with all typed of vehicles filling up their tanks and even extra gas cans.

Jamie Bellman said, “Our competition kept lowering the price and we will continue to match them.”  He continued, “People expect to pay the same price from station to station.  We don’t want to lose our customers over this so we will continue to lower our price.”  He explained that there is no financial reason for the dramatic drop in price and said, “It just happens every now and then.”  Bellman said he didn’t see the “Gas War” lasting very long.

Several other gas stations joined the war.   By 9:450 p.m. showed prices were at $3.09 at Bellman’s BP while other stations were slightly higher with Family Express at 3.13 and $3.14 Speedway was $3.19 and prices went up to $3.28 at Red D Mart, Phillips 66 at $3.58 and $3.65 with the highest price at $3.75 at the Marathon on North Michigan at U.S. 30.

The “Gas War” didn’t last too long.  By 10:15 p.m. the Bellmart was back up to $3.69 while Family Express was still at $3.13 and $3.14.

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