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June 19, 2011

06/20/11  The Indiana State Fire Marshal is reminding everyone who purchases fireworks in Indiana to make sure they only patronize those retailers that have a certificate of compliance from the state indicating that they are authorized to sell consumer fireworks and that the facility has been inspected for safety.

The Indiana State Fire Marshal’s office is a division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS).

“Inspectors work very hard this time of year to make sure Indiana fireworks vendors are in compliance with all state laws and that their facilities are safe for the customers who patronize them,” said Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson. “While most fireworks retailers in Indiana are reputable and operate their businesses in accordance with state laws, every year there are a few vendors who try to operate outside the law. That’s where we need the public’s help to let us know if they encounter a vendor who doesn’t have the proper documentation.”

Vendors may sell fireworks in Indiana from a variety of different structures including buildings, tents and stands, but each of these establishments should have a prominently displayed certificate of compliance that includes an IDHS logo.

If the certificate is not displayed, patrons should ask the owner to produce it. If the vendor can’t, Greeson advises consumers to leave the establishment and report the lack of certificate to the State Fire Marshal’s office by calling 317.232.1407.

When buying fireworks, it’s also important to remember that only 1.4G fireworks are approved for sale to the average consumer in Indiana. These fireworks will have “1.4G” printed on the package. If you believe a fireworks distributor is selling any type of fireworks other than 1.4G, notify the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office right away by calling 317.232.1407. These fireworks may be dangerously more powerful or less stable than the approved 1.4G fireworks.

For more information about buying and using fireworks responsibly, visit and click on the link that says “Fireworks Safety.”