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INDOT Urges Caution Around Pavement Marking Crews

August 23, 2011

08/24/11 The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) urges drivers to be extremely cautious around wet paint on the road as LaPorte District crews apply pavement markings.

It’s necessary for INDOT crews to restripe most roadways across the district each summer due to the effects of salting and plowing during the winter, as well as normal wear and tear. About 5,600 lane miles will be restriped in the LaPorte District now through October.

INDOT uses fast-drying, water-based paint to stripe the centerlines, edge lines and other roadway markings.  Because road striping is a moving operation, drivers should look for vehicle-mounted arrow boards with signs indicating “Caution: Wet Paint,” flashing lights, and very fresh-looking paint on the roadway.  On some roads, striping crews will use escort vehicles ahead of and behind the striping truck.  Drivers should use extreme caution and patience when they encounter a striping crew. 

By using common sense around striping crews, drivers can avoid getting fresh white or yellow paint on their vehicles. When encountering a road striping crew, use a generous following distance, avoid driving over the newly painted markings and never recklessly pull in front of or pass a striping operation. If drivers do get paint on their vehicles, they should attempt to wash the paint off as quickly as possible. Fresh paint will often come off easily with soap and water.  However, after it dries only a specialist can remove it.