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Jana’s Gymnastics competes in Spring Fling Gymnastics Meet

April 17, 2011

04/18/11 Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Spring Fling Gymnastics Meet on Saturday, April 16th in South Bend.  This meet  provided an introduction to our Copper Team as they competed in their very first away meet and provided a venue for our veteran gymnasts to try new skills that they had not competed before or to move up a level and try out their new skills at a higher level.  With all the new skills and levels being attempted, the girls had a fantastic meet.

Pictured are Jana’s 1st Place team members:

Row 1: Kaitlin Stone, Julie Kinney, Zoey France, Carissa Kulpa, Tessa Hutchinson, Klara Guseilla, Hannah Trump, Natalhy Deleon, Lauren Miller, Jenna Justice

Row 2: Lillian Justice, Annie Keller, Savannah Rudynski, Julia Marohn, Abby Machnic, Jadyn Evans, Claudia Marohn, Sara Hunter, Ashley Johnson, Cayla Hulse, Barbie Kimmel

Row 3: Megan Kersey, Lauren DeMont, Sydni Weir, Hope Stone, Ashly Deleon, Kyla Ellinger, Caitlin Kulpa, Ellie Dishon, Maria Thornton, Dessa Lang, Seja Lang, Kendall Rhodes, Bailey Eveland, Taylor Mayer, Lexi Miller, Kyla Heckaman

Here are the results:


Natalhy Deleon: Vault 6.2, Bars 8.2, Beam 8.1(3rd), Floor 8.1, AA 30.6(7th)

Tessa Hutchinson: Vault 7.6, Bars 8.5(2nd), Beam8.0(4th), Floor 8.6(2nd), AA 32.7(3rd)

Klara Guseilla: Vault 7.6, Bars 8.1, Beam 8.0(4th), Floor 8.3(4th), AA 32.0(5th)

Zoey France: 8.0(2nd), Bars 8.4(4th), Beam 8.4(2nd), Floor 8.1, AA 32.9(2nd)

Julia Kinney: Vault 7.8(3rd), Bars 8.3, Beam 8.0(4th), Floor 8.6(2nd), AA 32.7(3rd)

Hannah Trump: Vault 7.65(4th), Bars 8.5(2nd), Beam 7.2, Floor 8.0, AA 31.35(6th)

Sara Hunter: Vault 8.3(1st), Bars 9.0(1st), Beam 8.6(1st), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 35.3(1st)

Lauren Miller: Vault 7.8, Bars 8.9(4th0, Beam 9.1(1st), Floor 8.55, AA 34.35(5th)

Carissa Kulpa: Vault 7.9, Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 8.8(5th), Floor 8.4, AA 34.0(8th)

Seja Lang: Vault 8.5(4th), Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 8.3, Floor 8.3, AA 34.0(8th)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 8.1, Bars 9.65(1st), Beam 9.0(3rd), Floor 9.2(1st), AA 35.95(2nd)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.4(6th), Bars 9.6(2nd), Beam 9.1(1st), Floor 8.9(5th), AA 36.0(1st)

Ellie Dishon: Vault 8.55(2nd), Bars 9.2(3rd), Beam 8.7, Floor 9.15(3rd), AA 35.6(3rd)

Taylor Mayer: Vault 8.1, Bars 8.3, Beam 8.2, Floor 8.1, AA 332.7(11th)

Sydni Weir: Vault 8.5(4th), Bars 8.8, Beam 8.6, Floor 8.3, AA 34.2(7th)

Jenna Justice: Vault 7.7, Bars 7.6, Beam 7.8, Floor 8.35, AA 31.45(12th)

Lauren DeMont: Vault 7.85, Bars 8.3, Beam 7.8, Floor 8.45, AA 32.4(9th)

Lillian Justice: Vault 8.05(6th), Bars 8.8(5th), Beam 8.0(4th), Floor 8.0, AA 32.85(8th)

Annie Keller: Vault 7.8, Beam 7.9(6th), Floor 8.5(6th), AA 24.2(11th)

Megan Kersey: Vault 7.1, Bars 8.5, Beam 7.7, Floor 8.1, AA 31.4(10th)

Savannah Rudynski: Vault 8.0, Bars 9.05(2nd), Beam 8.1(3rd), Floor 8.4, AA 33.55(5th)

Dessa Lang: Vault 8.4(2nd), Bars 9.1(1st), Beam 7.8, floor 9.05(3rd), AA 34.35(3rd)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.2(4th), Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 7.3, Floor 9.1(1st), AA 33.5(6th)

Maria Thornton: Vault 8.4(2nd), Bars 9.0(3rd), Beam 8.7(2nd), Floor 9.1(1st), AA 35.2(1st)

Kyla Ellinger: Vault 8.0, Bars 8.8(5th), Beam 8.8(1st), Floor 9.0(4th), AA 34.6(2nd)

Ashley Johnson: Vault 8.0, Bars 8.7, Beam 8.0(4th), Floor 8.5(6th), AA 33.2(7th)

Kaitlin Stone: Vault 8.15(3rd), Bars 8.9(1st), Beam 8.7(1st), Floor 8.4(3rd), AA 34.15(2nd)

Cayla Hulse: Vault 7.2, Bars 8.5(3rd), Beam 7.9(2nd), Floor 7.7, AA 31.3(5th)


Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.2, Bars 7.9, Beam 8.5, floor 9.0, AA 33.6(7th)

Jadyn Evans: Vault 8.3, Bars 8.1, Beam 8.9(4th), Floor 9.1(3rd), AA 34.4(4th)

Hope Stone: Vault 9.3(1st), Bars 8.9(2nd), Beam 9.0(2nd), Floor 8.8, AA 36.0(1st)

Lexi Miller: Vault 9.0(2nd), Bars 9.1(1st), Beam 8.4, Floor 9.1(3rd), AA 35.6(2nd)

Ashly Deleon: Vault 8.4, Bars 8.8(4th), Beam 8.6, Floor 8.9, AA 34.7(3rd)

Kendall Rhodes: Vault 8.1, Bars 8.5, Beam 7.8, Floor 9.2(1st), AA 33.6(6th)


Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.2(1st), Bars 7.7, Beam 7.7, Floor 9.2(3rd), AA 33.8(7th)

Bailey Eveland: Vault 8.9(4th), Bars 8.0, Beam 9.3(1st), Floor 9.1(5th), AA 35.3(4th)

Barbie Kimmel: Vault 8.8, Bars 8.1, Beam 8.0, Floor 8.75, AA 33.65(8th)