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Jana’s Gymnastics Teams Compete in State Meet

March 28, 2011

03/29/11 Jana’s Gymnastics competed in Indiana’s State Meet and came home with impressive places.  Jana’s Bronze Team earned 2nd Place narrowly missing first place by less than half a point.  Jana’s Silver Team earned a 5th Place finish.  Along with the team titles, Jana’s Bronze team won 1st Place in the Child Division and 2nd Place in the Junior Division.  Jana’s Silver team won 3rd Place in the Child Division.

Along with Zailey Hess winning All-Around in her age division in the Bronze Level, several of Jana’s girls won 1st place in separate events in their age groups.

Kennedy Lauck won 1st Place on Floor with a score of 9.5.  Ellie Dishon won 1st Place on Bars with a score of 9.4.  Caitlin Kulpa won 1st Place on Beam with a score of 9.575.  Katie Lauck won 1st Place on Beam with a score of 9.35.  Zailey Hess won 1st Place on Floor with a score of 9.5.

In the Silver Division, Karly Gruett won 1st Place on Floor with a very impressive score of 9.7.

Pictured in Bronze 2nd Place Team

Kennedy Lauck, Lauren Miller, Sara Hunter, Ashly Deleon, Allison Layne, Seja Lang, Katie Lauck, Caitlin Kulpa, Dessa Lang, Zailey Hess, Abby Machnic, Andie Kizer, Ellie Dishon.

Pictured in Silver 5th Place Team

Front Row: Lexi Miller, Kyla Heckaman, Karly Gruett

Back Row: Belle Beeson, Mia Harvey, Hope Stone

Picture “Silver Barb & Alison”

Also contributing to the 5th Place win in the Silver Division were Alison Webb and Barbie Kimmel.  These two competed at a different time than the younger Silver Team members.

Picture “Zailey AA Winner”

Zailey Hess earned the title State Champion by winning her age division in the Bronze Level.  Zailey has been invited by USA Gymnastics to be recognized alongside Olympian Bridget Sloan in Indianapolis on April 8 at a Pacers Game.

Here are the results:


Sara Hunter: Vault 8.05, Bars 9.2(7th), Beam 9.0(11th), Floor 9.45(2nd), AA 35.7(10th)

Lauren Miller: Vault 7.75, Bars 8.75, Beam 9.225(7th), Floor 8.55, AA 34.275

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.15, Bars 9.225(6th), Beam 9.425(4th), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 36.3(7th)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.625(5th), Bars 9.25(5th), Beam 9.35(6th), Floor 9.35(4th), AA 36.575(3rd)

Seja Lang: Vault 8.3(15th), Bars 8.8, Beam 8.55, Floor 8.25, AA 33.9

Ellie Dishon: Vault 8.35(13th), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 9.55(2nd), Floor 9.3(6th), AA 36.6(2nd)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.725(3rd), Bars 9.05(14th), Beam 9.575(1st), Floor 9.1(8th), AA 36.45(5th)

Andie Kizer: Vault 8.475(8th), Bars 9.05(14th), Beam 8.55, Floor 9.25(7th), AA 35.325(12th)

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.425(10th), Bars 8.8(13th), Beam 9.35(1st), Floor 9.0(7th), AA 35.575(7th)

Zailey Hess: Vault 8.85(3rd), Bars 9.175(5th), Beam 9.2(3rd), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 36.725(1st)

Allison Layne: Vault 8.2, Bars 9.025(9th), Beam 9.15(9th), Floor 9.125(4th), AA 35.5(9th)

Dessa Lang: Vault 8.425(10th), Bars 8.95(12th), Beam 9.25(2nd), Floor 8.9(10th), AA 35.525(8th)

Ashly Deleon: Vault 8.775(8th), Bars 9.3(4th), Beam 8.9(12th), Floor 9.325(2nd), AA 36.3(3rd)


Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.1(8th), Bars 9.1(7th), Beam 9.125(9th), Floor 9.35(2nd), AA 36.675(7th)

Hope Stone: Vault 9.0(12th), Bars 8.6, Beam 8.6, Floor 8.625, AA 34.825(14th)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.725, Bars 8.75(15th), Beam 8.35, Floor 8.6, AA 34.425(18th)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.675, Bars 9.1(7th), Beam 8.6, Floor 8.975(12th), AA 35.35(12th)

Karly Gruett: Vault 8.75, Bars 8.725, Beam 8.8(13th), Floor 9.7(1st), AA 35.975(13th)

Belle Beeson: Vault 8.725, Bars 8.575, Beam 8.625, Floor 9.0(10th), AA 34.925(17th)

Alison Webb: Vault 7.9, Bars 8.575, Beam 8.3, Floor 8.45, AA 33.225

Barbie Kimmel: Vault 9.025(12th), Bars 8.45, Beam 9.05(6th), Floor 9.125(4th), AA 35.65(7th)