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Jana’s Gymnasts Participate in Indy Competition

January 24, 2011

01/25/11  Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Circle of Stars Gymnastics Meet in Indianapolis on January 21st and 22nd.  Jana’s Bronze team secured a very impressive 5th place finish.  The Circle of Stars Gymnastics Meet is one of the largest in the United States with over 4,000 gymnasts competing over a 3-day weekend.  Teams from as far as Hawaii travel to this meet.  There were several Olympians on hand to help with awards and sign autographs.  John Roethlisberger and John McCready – 1996 Olympic teammates were there.  Nastia Liukin – 2008 Gold Medalist was also present for some of the sessions during the weekend.

Pictured from Jana’s Bronze 5th Place team are:

Row 1: Lauren Miller, Abby Machnic

Row 2: Ellie Dishon, Jadyn Evans, Allison Layne

Row 3: Sara Hunter, Caitlin Kulpa

Row 4: Katie Lauck and Kennedy Lauck

Pictured from Jana’s Silver Team are:

Row 1: Kyla Heckaman

Row 2: Mia Harvey, Bailey Eveland, Kendall Rhodes, Lexi Miller

Row 3: Belle Beeson, Alison Layne, Karly Gruett

Results for the Circle of Stars Gymnastics Meet:


Sara Hunter: Vault 7.95, Bars 9.15(6th), Beam 9.225(7th), Floor 9.225(4th), AA 35.55(7th)

Lauren Miller: Vault 7.9, Bars 8.85, Beam 8.85, Floor 8.75, AA 34.35

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.4(4th), Bars 8.65, Beam 8.55, Floor 9.325(1st), AA 34.925

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.2, Bars 9.125(7th), Beam 8.65, Floor 9.1(8th), AA 35.075

Ellie Dishon: Vault 8.15, Bars 9.1(9th) Beam 9.35(5th), Floor 9.25(3rd), AA 35.85(4th)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.3(9th), Bars 9.6(1st), Beam 8.95, Floor 9.325(1st), AA 36.175(2nd)

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.35(6th), Bars 8.6, Beam 9.1(8th), Floor 8.725, AA 34.775

Jadyn Evans: Vault 7.9, Bars 9.125(7th), Beam 9.375(4th), Floor 9.175(6th), AA 35.575(6th)

Allison Layne: Vault 8.1, Bars 8.85, Beam 8.9, Floor 9.2(5th), AA 35.05


Kyla Heckaman: Vault 8.6(5th), Bars 8.45(7th), Beam 9.175(2nd), Floor 9.15(2nd), AA 35.375(2nd)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.15, Bars 8.4(8th), Beam 9.0(4th), Floor 8.75(11th), AA 34.3(6th)

Bailey Eveland: Vault 8.7(3rd), Bars 7.9(13th), Beam 8.25, Floor 9.025(4th), AA 33.875(10th)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.5(12th), Bars 8.775(4th), Beam 7.55, Floor 8.575, AA 33.4(12th)

Kendall Rhodes: Vault 8.1, Bars 7.35, Beam 8.0, Floor 8.7, AA 32.15

Karly Gruett: Vault 8.6, Bars 8.0, Beam 8.6, Floor 8.85, AA 34.05

Belle Beeson: Vault 8.525, Bars 6.9, Beam 7.9, Floor 8.75, AA 32.075

Alison Webb: Vault 8.35, Bars 7.1, Beam 7.35, Floor 9.1(2nd), AA 31.9