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Jana’s Gymnists Fair Well at Invitational.

November 21, 2011

11/22/11 Jana’s Gymnastics traveled to Chesterton on November 19th to compete in the “Catch-A-Wave” Gymnastics Invitational.  Jana’s Bronze and Silver Teams each won 1st Place in the Team Competition.  On hand to present awards was Olympian John Roethlisberger who was a member of the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic teams.  This was not the first time our team got to rub shoulders with this Olympian.  John is the co-owner of FlipFest Gymnastics Camp where our team girls spent a week this summer.


Here are the results:

Bronze Team

Sara Hunter: Vault 7.95(8th), Bars 9.45(4th), Beam 8.7(9th), Floor 9.025(5th), AA 35.125(3rd)

Lauren Miller: Vault 8.3(2nd), Bars 8.9, Beam 8.3, Floor 8.475, AA 33.975(12th)

Julia Kinney: Vault 7.65, Bars 9.175(7th), Beam 8.85(6th), Floor 8.775(8), AA 34.45(7th)

Zoey France: Vault 7.55, Bars 9.25(5th), Beam 8.05, Floor 8.5, AA 33.35(15th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 7.625, Bars 9.75(1st), Beam 8.225, Floor 9.075(2nd), AA 34.675(5th)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.225(3rd), Bars 9.6(2nd), Beam 9.45(1st), Floor 9.25(3rd), AA 36.525(1st)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 7.775, Bars 9.5(3rd), Beam 9.275(2nd), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 36.05(2nd)

Kylie Dehner: Vault 7.5, Bars 8.9, Beam 8.8(8th), Floor 8.4, AA 33.6(13th)

Carissa Kulpa: Vault 7.65, Bars 8.95, Beam 8.65, Floor 8.925(7th), AA 34.175(9th)

Katie Lauck: Vault 7.45, Bars 9.0(9th), Beam 9.125(3rd), Floor 8.725(9th), AA 34.3(8th)

Allison Layne: Vault 7.8(9th), Bars 9.025(8th), Beam 8.7(9th), Floor 8.45, AA 33.975(11th)

Kennedy Sopher: Vault 8.0(7th), Bars 9.2(6th), Beam 8.4, Floor 8.5, AA 34.1(10th)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.1(6th), Bars 8.8, Beam 9.1(4th), Floor 9.075(2nd), AA 35.075(4th)

Abbie Griffiths: Vault 7.65, Bars 8.8, Beam 8.8(7th), Floor 8.35, AA 33.6(13th)


Silver Team

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.15(7th), Bars 9.2(1st), Beam 7.0, Floor 8.8, AA 33.15(12th)

Hope Stone: Vault 8.75(2nd), Bars 8.45(6th), Beam 8.75(8th), Floor 6.2, 32.15(13th)

Jadyn Evans: Vault 7.75, Bars 9.0(3rd), Beam 9.125(4th), Floor 8.9, AA 34.775(6th)

Emma Delinski: Vault 8.1, Bars 9.0(3rd), Beam 9.3(2nd), Floor 9.55(1st), AA 35.95(2nd)

Mia Harvey: Vault 7.95, Bars 8.2, Beam 9.15(3rd), Floor 8.825, AA 34.125(8th)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.65(4th), Bars 9.05(2nd), Beam 8.3, Floor 9.175(6th), AA 35.175(3rd)

Kendall Rhodes: Vault 8.35(5th), Bars 8.45, Beam 8.9(5th), Floor 9.2(5th), AA 34.9(5th)

Olivia Parker: Vault 7.725, Bars 8.75, Beam 8.4, Floor 9.05(7th), AA 33.925(9th)

Belle Beeson: Vault 8.7(3rd), Bars 8.45, Beam 8.575, Floor 9.325(3rd), AA 35.05(4th)


Gold Team

Kyla Heckaman: Vault 8.585, Bars 8.85(4th), Beam 8.35, Floor 9.45(1st), AA 35.235(3rd)

Barbie Kimmel: Vault 8.075, Bars 7.95, Beam, 9.15(1st), Floor 9.35(2nd), AA 34.525(5th)

Picture 1:  1st Place Bronze Team :  Sara Hunter, Julia Kinney, Olympian John Roethlisberger, Katie Lauck, Carissa Kulpa, Kylie Dehner, Abbie Griffiths, Allison Layne, Abby Machnic, Julia Marohn, Lauren Miller, Kennedy Lauck, Claudia Marohn, Kennedy Sopher and Zoey France

Picture 2: 1st Place Silver Team: Mia Harvey, Jadyn Evans, Hope Stone, Kendall Rhodes, Olivia Parker, Belle Beeson, Lexi Miller, Emma Delinski, Caitlin Kulpa and Olympian John Roethlisberger

Picture 3: Gold Team:   Barbie Kimmel, Kyla Heckaman and Olympian John Roethlisberger


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