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K-9 Demonstration at 4-H Fair

July 11, 2011

07/12/11 Plymouth policeman John Weir and his K-9, Rex, have been working together for 4 1/2 years.

“I love watching him work — it’s fun watching him find drugs or find the bad guy,” said Weir.
Weir and Rex will be at the Marshall County 4-H fair Tuesday, along with Indiana State patrolman Ryan Lebo and his K-9, Bosco. Together, the dogs will demonstrate how K-9s can sniff out drugs in a car, chase down criminals, or aid in extracting unwilling people from a vehicle. According to Weir, it’s all fun and games to the dogs.
“It’s all playtime to them,” said Weir. “They think it’s like tag or something.”
During the demonstration, drugs will be planted in a car donated by Lions Towing. Lebo will do the talking while the two dogs do their work. Rex, who is from Holland, receives commands in Dutch from Weir. The “criminal” volunteer during the demonstration will be Kevin Klotz, who won the privilege during an auction fundraiser in April. Klotz paid $150 to be bitten by Rex. Klotz will be protected during the demonstration by a bite suit — a heavily padded burlap suit with leather inside.
“He’s going to get it all,” said Weir, chuckling. “He’ll get all the bites.”
Weir said that in past years of doing the demonstration at the fair, the main audience has been children and families.

“Rex is good with kids,” said Weir, adding that children in attendance like to come up and pet Rex afterward.
Rex is the only K-9 in Marshall County, and is kept busy answering calls from Plymouth’s neighboring towns. Rex will take a break from official police work for the demonstration Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the entertainment area of the fairgrounds.

Provided by our news partners at the Pilot.

One Response to “ K-9 Demonstration at 4-H Fair ”

  1. Andrew on July 12, 2011 at 9:00 am

    This is a real nice idea! It gives the chance for people to see how such an intelligent animal is put to work and help in the fight against drugs and other illegal activities. I have seen some of these before where I am at and they never fail to attract large numbers of people.