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Lack of Quorum Delays Final Step on City’s Well Field Improvements

July 20, 2011

07/21/11 A public hearing scheduled on Tuesday night on a Plymouth Redevelopment agenda was postponed until August 16 due to the lack of a board quorum at the meeting..

The public hearing is a final step in adding a project to the TIF I list.

On June 21, the City’s Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson presented his request for funding to expand the water treatment plant on Pine Road. At that meeting, Davidson explained that the Ledyard plant needs major overhauling, but that he is hesitant to begin the project at that site until there is adequate backup at the city’s second site.

When the Pine Road Water Plant was designed, accommodations for expansion were included such as plumbing for new infrastructure that would include two wells, pressure filters and pumps. The estimated cost is $1,446,500 for both construction and non-construction costs.

A similar presentation had been made to the Board of Public Works and Safety and approved by that board and then forwarded with an affirmative recommendation to Redevelopment. Once Redevelopment approved of the project as well, the details had to be presented to the Plymouth Common Council.

Present on July 19 at Redevelopment were President Don Wendel and board member Tom Pedavoli. Also present was Frank Brubaker who serves as a representative of the Plymouth School Board, but does not hold voting rights.

The public hearing will take place on August 16 at the Council Chambers on Garro Street.

A resolution confirming the addition to the project list could be voted upon at the same meeting pending the outcome of the pubic hearing.

The project could take up to nine months to complete.

Carol Anders  Correspondent