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Union North School Board Welcomes New Board Members & Reorganizes

January 14, 2011

01/17/11  The Union-North School Board meeting on January 13 was opened with the annual reorganization of the board. Taking oaths of office were the two new members, Mike Berger and Dennis Graf.

Conducting the first part of the election of officers was Superintendent Dr.Terry Barker. Barker said, “Once the president has been selected that person will take over the meeting, selecting first a vice-president and then the secretary.”

Mark Dickson was elected as president; Rob Swathwood retained his role as vice-president; and Mike Berger was named secretary.

Board members will receive $2000 per year in salary, which is the maximum.

Meeting dates will continue to be schedule on the 2nd Thursday of each month and the 4th Thursday, if needed. Meetings have been held at the LaVille Elementary School cafeteria while renovation continued at the Jr.–Sr. LaVille High School library. Since the construction work will be completed in what will now be known as the Media Center, the board meetings will be held there in the future. All meetings will be at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Barker presented a resolution regarding the sale of two of the four modular classrooms. The modulars were phased out when the corporation entered into a building program several months ago.

Barker said, “Two of the modulars were put back together and plans are to have them at the girl’s softball diamond and used as dressing rooms for teams. The modulars will have electricity, but will not have water services. He did not have the actual cost breakdown for putting the units back together, but indicated that he thought the total was about $1000.

Barker said that since there will be electricity, air-conditioning could be turned on, but indicated that they will not routinely use the AC. He said, “Will probably use AC on occasion to keep out mold and mildew.”

According to Barker, the modulars were purchased approximately eleven years ago for $31,000 each. He said they have been appraised at about $13,000 each.

Barker said the modulars that had been used at the Jr.-Sr. High School were junked.