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Lightening Damage at City Well Field

August 23, 2011

08/24/11 During the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on Monday night, Plymouth Utility Superintendent, Donnie Davidson, reported some damage to a well at the Ledyard Water Plant on August 3rd. Davidson said, “We had some pretty severe lighting damage.”

The Superintendent said the strike actually hit a building went out through the motor control center and hit both wells. Among items damaged were some electronic components including the soft starts equipment for the pumps and a flow meter.  

Davidson said they are repeatedly having lightening damage and have taken some precautions.  He noted that the surge protection at the wells blew but probably prevented extensive damage. 

According to Davidson, the city does have insurance that should cover most of the damage. Davidson estimated that the repairs could reach upwards of $20,000 and that the city’s deductible on the policy is $5,000. He also said they will need to provide documentation for the damage to the insurance company.

In other utility business Davidson requested the Board of Public Works and Safety accept the water and sewer utility lines at Parkview Place. He said before accepting the utilities from the contractor, the Board of Public Works and Safety must receive an easement for lines. He referred to the easement strip as a valuable piece of property that connects Parkview and Novelty Streets.  The superintendent explained that the lines were installed to city specifications and have pasted all city testing.  The vote to accept was unanimous pending the recording of the easement document in the Marshall County Recorder’s office.


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