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LJH Students Attend Red Cross Babysitting Course

March 25, 2011

03/28/11 While other Plymouth Schools’ students are enjoying a week off from classes, Rachel Rettig and Anna Piazza , both students at Linoln Junior High, have actually looked forward to two days of babysitting training classes conducted by the American Red Cross.

This is the second time that Rettig has taken the training. Rettig said, “This is a refresher course for me.” She said her mother learned of the classes and encouraged her to attend.

The babysitting classes are geared for young people ages 11-15. The training not only teaches participants child care, but also gives them the tools to present a professional image to clients. Course offering  up and beyond child care and  emergency procedures include: Resume’ writing, business card creation, family information card, family interviews, parental consent and contact information, house safety inspection and self-assessment. An additional  part of the course teaches students  to be a good leader and role model.

Each one of the nine students in the current classes will receive a book and a CD that contains the material that they are covering in the two-day training.

Rettig’s mother, Becky, said, “If I’m going to let my daughter out babysitting, I want her to be a good one.” Beacky said, “I wanted her to take the course so she can be a competant and confident babysitter.” “This will teach her how to handle emergencies.” she said. Becky said she goes with her daughter if it’s new family to make sure she’s in a safe environment.

Even during the week off from school. Rettig has been babysitting for three neighborhood children for a few hours at a time and also serving as a mother’s helper for a four-month-old infant.

Piazza said her mother,Annika Piazza ,also thought that the $40 course would be a good one to take. Anna said, “We are learning to ask about allergies, house rules, house emergency plans, and how to interview families about their children.” Piazza said, “I’ve been looking ahead in the training book and I’m excited about learning feeding, diapering, and dressing infants.”

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One Response to “ LJH Students Attend Red Cross Babysitting Course ”

  1. CommonCents on March 25, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    What a great program! I would think this course would be something every babysitter should take. I also think this should be something all the schools should try to offer to all junior high kids. GREAT PROGRAM and GREAT JOB GIRLS!!