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MAKING WAVES, November 2011

November 7, 2011

11/08/11 For the past thirty-one consecutive days in October, I made a concerted effort to wear the breast cancer color, pink.  While this was no easy task, neither is living with cancer.  Wearing pink every day constantly reminded me that cancer never takes a break.

I can’t believe it’s already November – National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Although I’m wearing purple today, which is symbolic of pancreatic cancer, my focus is on the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs last month and the more-than-ever relevant research being funded by the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation at three world renowned institutions.  Many of these studies specifically involve destroying pancreatic cancer cells that have been targeted with gold nanoparticles and introduced to the Kanzius radiowave field.

It is estimated that 44,030 Americans will be diagnosed with and 37,660 will die of pancreatic cancer of the in 2011; the most deadly form of cancer with a five-year survival rate of 5.5%. (  Perhaps you understand those statistics all too well.  Perhaps a loved one of yours is one of these statistics.  While the country mourns the loss of Mr. Jobs, we as advocates and researchers mourns each loss and work harder  to heighten the awareness of this form of cancer, as it is among the deadliest.

I think of our board president, Maryann Yochim, who has led our endeavors since the Foundation’s inception. She tells me of the day her husband, Yogi, was diagnosed, “…the doctor told us not to worry about treatment, ‘just go home and get things in order.’ I almost passed out.”  Six years after his passing, Maryann relives her loss almost daily as friends and co-workers learn they have cancer.

There are limited, effective treatments currently available for pancreatic cancer. We all desire “a better way,” and researchers are working endlessly at MD Anderson and other world-renowned institutions to advance the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment to Phase 1 of human clinical trials.

As detailed in Steve Jobs’ recently-released biography, he searched high and low for a treatment upon learning of his diagnosis in 2004. He spent nine months conducting research before committing to a treatment, as he sought a method that was noninvasive, and that would not cause the debilitating side effects commonly associated with traditional treatments. In the end, Jobs opted for the surgical treatment, and received a new liver that extended his life for several more years. This course of treatment, and subsequent methods, was not without incapacitating side effects for Jobs. In his final public appearance, he appeared incredibly gaunt, and privately, he suffered in untold physical pain.

John Kanzius spent his final years searching for a “better way” to treat cancer, making the valuable discovery that is now being studied in the labs at MD Anderson Cancer Center, UPMC and the University of California at Davis. In advancing the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment to the next phase, we would fulfill the final wishes of Steve Jobs and the legacy of John Kanzius, for a painless method of killing cancer, without ending the lives of the patients. We need your help, and you’ve given it, time and time again. Spreading the Wave of awareness is crucial, whether it is during National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month or on any other day of the year.

MARK A. NEIDIG SR. is executive director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (